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  1. Hello all, a rather generic letter from Wescott encouraging me to get in touch within ten days without any actual threats of courts or balliffs. Cheerfully sling into the corner of my desk?
  2. Hello all, just an update to say not a cheep from anyone about this, nada, nothing, which is splendid
  3. Ah yes, thanks for that, that I do know already. None the less for the moment they have failed to return a valid CCA I assume and I can rest easy until they do, it's been quite a long time now. Thanks all Tynan
  4. It's defo stamped as June 2017. The older ones are harder to challenge? I though it was the opposite, the older the better as regards challenging. I've been assuming the deathly silence from the other side after the early flurry of activity was a good sign? And I have done a spreadsheet of the statements that I had, a few years from seven or eight years ago when it was active, I'll SAR at the end of the month when I've got more then 10p, but i doubt that three years or maybe even six will add too much to the pot.
  5. Slick, from memory it's June 2007, I can confirm that this evening, certainly 2007 dx, I've have seen plenty of the regular CCAs including a couple of my own, this document though is a new one on me and I've not seen them anywhere else yet Thanks both Micky
  6. Hi Slick, splendid news, I was a little unsure because it was an online type thing and the esignature angle. For my understanding though, why not? I appreciate there's no terms and conditions for one, is it even an agreement at all, is it just an application? Umm, no other then i added up the charges from the statements that I did have, been working four months of seven day weeks so time has rather slipped by for me, Need to SAR still don't I? Now I can rest easy on this one I'll get on with the SARs etc, I've seen the other threads with people probaly getting them back at Comp Int which
  7. Hi, apologies for the ridiculous delay in posting what they sent me, anything blanked is correct and looks like what i might have entered on an online application, the big lower left blanking is a handwritten 12 digit number. I had no more communication from the people that were calling three times day for a couple of months now btw. Micky.pdf
  8. That figures, thanks Any idea on the print out of the web form data, quite apart that it could have come from anywhere as it's not signed by anyone. Does the Subject to Credit Approval stamp mean that's it's not an actual agreement? Thanks
  9. hello all apologies for my feeble updating of this thread, been on seven day weeks and rather let paperwork slide I'm clearing a mountain of post and picked up something I clean forgot about at the time, it' something that came back in response to my CCA in June. They call it a 'Copy Application'. It appears to be a print out of whatever I might have entered into a web application so personal details of me and my employers, it has 'Created on xx/xx/2007 and it's stamped 'SKY CARD, xx xxx 2007, SUBJECT TO CREDIT APPROVAL' and someone has written on in biro a 12 digit number. (I'v
  10. Hello again, the debt has moved onto someone else now, Alliance something or other I think. They've callled on the landline at 8:30am most days last week, I've told them that no CCA has been sent to me and hung up so far, are they allowed to call like that under the circumstances? It's not like the calls are going to go anywhere after all is it. Doesn't bother me but it ags the wife and the kids and the mother in law Thanks Micky
  11. Howdy and thanks, uh huh, others said go after charges, I did think that was all past now, thanks for the update Use the FOS one but send it to RBS? If so that makes perfect sense Thanks Micky
  12. Hello all Now a letter from RBS with a list of 4 loans, 4 overdrafts and 3 credit cards, one of the credit card showing as having ppi, as well as a form asking for a fair amount of details to help them deal with the complaint. Fill that out and return it? RBS owns Natwest I assume? It seems to me that they haven;t complied with the original SAR despite being prompted to do so, perhaps I did not list all these accounts that I had no idea the Lady Wife had Should i SAR again for the three credit cards with a view to claim charges back and fill out the form for PPI? The c
  13. Hello all, just checking in, nothing at all to report, no letters, no phone calls, nothing at all
  14. Hello all, long time I had a few letters that i suspect are all routine and dull, A rather furious legalese one saying the CCA they send me on time in Feb was perfect, quoting all sorts of case law including one that proved that something without my signature or a date on was still an agreement, wha? I replied in writing to say I had not received a CCA and had therefore not paid anything, believing the account to be in dispute/not valid etc and to send me the CCA And now a series of letters from Arvato, pay up or else, then make us an offer and now today another pay up o
  15. oooo, there was a reason to post other than a general update I moved the joint account to another bank as advised so all good there, after a month odd Barclays bank have now asked to clear my overdraft, I haven;t responded yet but plan to repay a small amount monthly until it's cleared, all humdrum non contentious stuff I assume? Are the BC account and dispute effectively separate from the barclays debt? Thanks Micky
  16. aye aye, will do although as said I do have a decent chunk of statements from 2009 onwards Thanks Micky
  17. Hello all, nothing to report really, quite a few calls from BC, a letter Defaulting me, eventually a call got me, as soon as the chap identified himself, I told him that the account was in dispute as they had not complied with a CCA request and they should not be adding interest and charges to the account but they were, and hung up. I've since had a letter telling me they were dealing with my complaint SAR not sent yet, it's the 'agg' of getting to the post office for the postal order ...
  18. Howdy, posted an Account in Dispute letter yesterday, no other news but I'm going to see what the office cabinet holds in the way of BarclayCard statements. Thanks Micky Hi I've found a folder with statements for Barclaycard, MBNA and OPus dating back to the end of 2009, there may be others in another folder. Am I right to think I put all the charges of any kind in to a Stat Interest spreadsheet for each card and then start claim for each, that easy? Thanks Micky Can I claim any of the following? Interest on cash balance? Interest on Standard balance?
  19. Hi Slick, ta, that all makes sense They Defaulted me yesterday, not bothered about credit rating, I've opened a new Joint Account and just need to get the Account Switching service to get it all moved over before payday at the end of the month Are they even allowed to Default and add charges if the account is in dispute? Does it stay in dispute until the supply a valid copy of the CCA? ie should the account be effectively frozen? Not yet to statements, been busy and that seemed to less time critical that other things on the go Thanks again Micky
  20. She spoke to them eventually, someone at NatWest said they couldn't send her everything as some of it was confidential and would need to be redacted, she asked how it could be if it related to her, they said thing like terms and conditions, wha? They're going to send her a letter to take into a branch to confirm her identity as her printed signature did not match the actual signature they say they hold on file gibberish nonsense it seems to me, ah well, wait for the letter I guess
  21. Hello all A firm letter yesterday saying contact immediately or else Default etc etc and take money from you other Barclays accounts, the joint account is with them. Can I send a letter saying the account is in dispute because they have not complied with the CCA request? Or is that just they can't take me to court without producing one? I appreciate they can default and sell the debt on etc etc I'm making arrangements to move the joint account on to another bank, if the account is always overdrawn can they still take money, a fair lump goes through it every month to pay the bill
  22. The Lady Wife says she had a call from NatWest today asking her about her SAR, although she was too busy to discuss it (and didn't know what a SAR was) I told her it's none of their business and not to accept any oh so generous offers From what she says it's going to be a packing crate of paperwork, her dealings with them are long standing and complex, personal and business (self emplyed) with loans/credit cards/overdraft whizzing around, being rearranged/consolidated etc joy
  23. Hi Slick, there would defo have been some further back in time, not huge amounts but defo some, especially when the card was active Am I right to think that people can still reclaim CC charges in the old bank charges stylee? Compound Interest and so on? Even after sending a CCA and kinda establishing that there isn't one? You're going to tell me to SAR aren't you? I will have a lot of CC statements filed away. In another thread about a CC with another firm that was sold on to a DCA (who have produced a miserable CCA) I'm sitting pretty, can I still SAR the original CC co and cla
  24. Hi Caro She was paid on something when she was ill (and self employed) but I remember it as Critical Illness cover, she's says she's sure it was the PPI cover on the loan, I guess the SAR will clarify that amongst other things
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