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  1. Thank-you


    Spreadsheet thingy is all filled in, total charges is slightly north of £900, which is nice


    I have no idea how people manage to get into the thousands and thousands


    It's a shame the interest on the overdraft can't be claimed, that'd be as much again


    Anyhow, I'll do the next letter shortly under RD and see what happens


    I'm waiting for six years of Barclays statements any day now too, they used to be very fond of a £25 charge for being over agreed limits, 'no more than three such charge per month'


    erm, if I'm in the wrong place here, can I be moved to the Natwest section, the layout and navigation on this forum is rather unclear tothe new man

  2. Howdy gents


    sat here with six years worth of statements from two Natwest accounts


    can I reclaim the monthly 'Account Fee' of £5?

    I think this is a monthly fee for the privilege of being overdrawn


    on top of that there's a monthly interest charge at £16.99% on the authorised overdraft, that can't be reasonable surely? (29.5% if it goes over the authorised limit)


    many thanks, I have tried to search for this, honest

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