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  1. Hello,


    I have my mediation day for the 7th,


    can I agree to the first two conditions?

    Is it just going to be a box ticking excercise?

    I point out that they have not complied with anything at all as regards CCA and without that i can hardly agree to a settlement?


    As ever, thanks


    1. For mediation to be successful you would need to be willing to negotiate on the amount of the claim and have a degree of flexibility. Can you agree to this?

    2. Can you confirm that you have enough information about the claim to allow you to enter into negotiations and that you do not require any further evidence from the other party before you can mediate

  2. an envelope arrived from HC yesterday, a few details and copies of the Letter of Claim and the transfer of the debt to them, attached


    There were some sundry pages of income  and help for debtors that I've left out.


    I assume that there's nothing for me to act on here? I'm still waiting for the court to notify me of the next step?


    I'm not expecting them to provide me with anything other than the skycard application form they sent me years ago, attached right at the top of this thread.

    HC 150819.pdf

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