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  1. Hello again, been assigned to my local court, same judge that stayed one of my bank account claims for fees way back when. Early Feb with them to pay the fee in Jan.
  2. Moved to my local court last week and today a letter suggesting I settle for £4,100 by Tomlin, I can take this as mild encouragement I assume before slinging on the pile?
  3. Did this last week, took a long time to get through to them on a Friday, six odd call and then a 15 min wait on a queue, so allow some time.
  4. Got through on about the fifth or sixth attempt over four odd hours then that waited on the queue for 20 mins, said no to Q2 on the grounds that they had not supplied documents they were supposed to have.
  5. Oh I see, the mediation fella will ask me, I say that and that's pretty much mediation done? Thanks
  6. Hello, I have my mediation day for the 7th, can I agree to the first two conditions? Is it just going to be a box ticking excercise? I point out that they have not complied with anything at all as regards CCA and without that i can hardly agree to a settlement? As ever, thanks 1. For mediation to be successful you would need to be willing to negotiate on the amount of the claim and have a degree of flexibility. Can you agree to this? 2. Can you confirm that you have enough information about the claim to allow you to enter into n
  7. The N180 from Howard Cohen arrived yesterday, they are happy to listen to reasonable offers from me to settle at mediation ...
  8. The N180 and mediation paperwork arrived yesterday. On reading through everything all over again I noticed that HC say the agreement was opened on the 18th May 2007, how does that tally with the application they sent me stamped for June 2007? Does it matter at all?
  9. Hello everyone, a routine letter today from HC telling me they will be carrying on with the case and inviting me to make them an offer etc etc Will check the other threads as to what to do now or soon, as for response to my SAR request, I might as well not have sent it. dated the 29th and delivered on the 7th, it must have been delivered on foot
  10. one thing you can be certain of is that the lawyers for the other side will always appear to be certain they will win, rihgtly or wrongly.
  11. fantastic, well done Milly, a very good example to others, respect for having the balls to appeal, and rightly so
  12. an envelope arrived from HC yesterday, a few details and copies of the Letter of Claim and the transfer of the debt to them, attached There were some sundry pages of income and help for debtors that I've left out. I assume that there's nothing for me to act on here? I'm still waiting for the court to notify me of the next step? I'm not expecting them to provide me with anything other than the skycard application form they sent me years ago, attached right at the top of this thread. HC 150819.pdf
  13. I'm not sure their version of events is relevant, you have a proveable sequence of events, their version is either mistaken or a lie, why get involved in it?
  14. perhaps someone at Currys web team spotted the error and tidied it up at their end so it looks to them like it never happened, leaving 'only' the evidence that the buyer has. one wonders if anyone there has even looked at what has been sent to them
  15. 28 days to proceed or it is stayed? but they can unstay it at anytime can't they? do they have to produce something to do that, ie is there any advantage to me if it is stayed?
  16. Sorry for the delay and my breezy post, will do better from now on, letter attached. HC 090819.pdf
  17. What I assume is a bog standard letter from the Courts arrived today confirming they have my defence and will pass it on to the claimant.
  18. they ignore the 'leaving' as a bluff as so many people do it, I had this with them after my package crept up to £98, I told them I was cancelling and was not interested in anything they had to say, they dropped it to £65 for a year. Else cancel it, they/you'll have a month to come up with a deal, if it's only broadband, you have lots of options
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