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  1. A high handed letter telling me they'll be getting a stay asap And today a court date for the 22nd October, 2pm 15 minutes
  2. well done fella, tad fortunate perhaps but bravo and nicely timed
  3. wha? because of the OFT thing? I thought the whole point of the draft directions was that failure to comply meant being stuck out? dear god, you must due something decent shortly after that
  4. I confidently predict some waffle about the OFT and stays and a feeble goodwill offer to save you having to wait until the end of time Just got that today from NatWest Ah well, what can we do best o' luck
  5. Two letters today repeating their original goodwill offers with 60 days to accept, a letter saying that all courts have been told to issue stays etc etc The offers are about 80% odd of my core charges never mind account fees, stat, debit interest and the CI (remember that?) Tiresome, I think I'll wait to hear from the courts, I think I'm getting something from them shortly, I might write a letter offering to settle for everything barring the CI although I suspect it's a waste of time, have they ever negotiated on offers other than close to a court date? I'm less than thrilled by
  6. The OFT is at least in theory working in the interests of the consumer though isn't it?
  7. pain in the arse news, three of mine about to get a date and I was semi relying on seeing the money before Oct for some large bills bah I can't help thinking that they'll fudge it and compromise with the banks, they've got so much influence and resources, presumably they didn;t enjoy being treated like everyone else in the courts and will come up with some cosy fix that they can live with
  8. stayed until Feb? as a result of the OFT's action offs
  9. that looks absolutely standard and yeah, do the strike out and the draft directions thing, nothing to lose, although I think you wait for the AQ or at least to be told there is no AQ, I might be wrong on that
  10. I got my basic charges back a day or two after the court action was served if that's any help, I was expecting from other threads to get that near the end of the LBA deadline, I didn't waste any time so perhaps they were just late, all I'm after now is the interest due to charges and the stat and fees but they say they're going to defend in full ...
  11. thanks for the update(s) badger at what point have they agreed to settle and for how much relative to your claim?
  12. if the defence is struck out you win, end of and vice versa
  13. Hey caro The one about stays? I'll have to get one before I can object to it I assume?
  14. gotcha might be time for formal non compliance fairly soon then thanks
  15. as suggested I send the text of the letter to Colin Pugh with a brief covering bit of text at last weekend no reply from either the letter or the email as yet
  16. Notice from the court arrived yesterday that Coop have acknowledged and intend to defend in full
  17. SAR on the 6th June, I do remember smiling when they said the 6th of August no biggie though as long as they do
  18. the judge might have wholeheartedly agreed with my suggestion he strike their defence out for abuse of process or draft directions or a date in October ...
  19. to be fair to NatWest, their AQ did go in in time and the much reviled Cobbets sent me a copy which is more than Barclays did ah well come on those stike out/draft directions!
  20. Edmonton Court seem to be on the ball tip tap on the keys and apparently Barclays have submitted an AQ, she seemed to think they didn't have to send me a copy ah well, I'm hearing from the court shortly it seems is that my court date?
  21. thanks for the posts surfman, I was getting a tiny bit interested as Barclays are a week late with their AQ for my case as of yesterday I'm a bit less excited now after seeing how much time they were given in your case, but still, there's hope and well done
  22. thanks this is only an AQ but it's a week late now and my one at least said get it in or maybe get struck out so contact the court?
  23. figures but they appear to be an entire week late? what's the point of me having to get something in on time if they (Barclays) have still not sent it in (or to me anyway) a week after they should have?
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