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  1. I'm not familiar with your case but two general points, if you really have had enough and you can afford to settle then do it.


    And the fact that they are agreeing to increasingly lower settlements could be seen as a weakness and reluctance to go to the last stages And the other side will try and discourage and unsettle you right up the last seconds that's what they do


    if you were confident only a month ago, what has actually changed since then to make you want to fold?

  2. Hello all, I moved from Barclays quite some time ago, leaving behind an o redrawn account,within a limit, of about £1500. My wife has been repaying as part of a debt settlement thing di all good.


    Today a Termination Notice with effect from the 6th and tbey want the £1300 odd straight away else the usual threats.


    Just supposing I don't have that sort of money lying about ... Is there best practice from this point? I've done bank charges and credit card ccas  but this is different I assume?


    Is there anything to challenge or is it just case of agreeing some sort of repayment with them? It's an old current account from perhaps 15 years ago that we stopped using perhaps 10 years or more ago.


    As ever thanks.

  3. hello Nurseslayer, Hoist/Cohen have just discontinued on my case, also without an agreement ever being produced, I had a court date set for next month. I appreciate our cases are different but as per the mods' advice, it's a matter of sticking with it and calling their bluff. I was expecting them to go a lot closer to the wire, perhaps they're having a pre crimbo tidy up, good luck.

  4. Good afternoon all, a letter today dated the 171219 telling me they have discontinued the claim and closed my account, along with an attached Notice of Discontinuance.


    That's it all done and dusted isn't it?


    If so, whoop and thanks once again for the guidance and help from dx and Andy and anyone else.


    For anyone reading this one, I never even got sent a reconstituted agreement, just a crappy print out of a web form that i was supposed to have filled out 12 odd years ago.


    A modest contribution to the website is on its way.

  5. It even has a covering letter from BarcalyCard saying it's only the T&C. There no agreement there or anything with anyone's name and address on. As DX says.


    The BASE terms later on have 'Restricted Internal' stamped on them which implies they would not have been sent out to customers.


    So it has to be the correct T&C (no idea if they are) and it has to actually have the correct agreement form as well ...

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