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  1. PRA have now replied that they have suspended all action on account and that they are contacting Welcome about it!
  2. Well we had a few letters from Welcome about this and then several fron various DCA's who we told to go away as the agreement was flawed etc etc. Now we have a letter from PRA Group saying they have bought the debt and demanding payment etc etc. Letter sent suggesting that they send it back to Welcome (Cattles) as account is in dispute. They follow up with a letter 'requiring' us to forward the evidence - that's not going to happen as Welcome have had copies of the flawed car invoice etc and we have invited them to take court action which obviously they have not yet done. Letter sent to PRA ag
  3. So if they just ignore order there is not a lot we can do because if they know that I think we are wasting the postage on the letter.
  4. Needless to say they haven't paid as per the court order. Can anyone help with our next steps to get this money out of them? We were thinking of firstly sending them a letter with a copy of the order asking for payment by return.
  5. The Order was received today that DJ **** having heard the defendant in person that the claim be struck out and that that the claimant pay costs of £45.00 by 4.00pm on the 27th February - this should be interesting!
  6. Back from court (No representative from MKDP present) although they had sent email yesterday to court. The case was struck out, we were only in about 5 minutes. The £45.00 costs were awarded for application to be paid within 14 days. The DJ said we were only entitled to costs for mileage and loss of earnings so at that point we left that as we had not worked that part of it out.
  7. Thanks for all the help over the last 9 and a half months. I don't think we would have got to this stage without CAG. Off to court we go,we will update thread with how we got on later!
  8. Rang court today who then rang us back this afternoon. The DJ has looked at our application and it will be now be heard before the hearing on Thursday. We still have heard nothing from the claimant. Any further advice for us before the hearing?
  9. N244 sent with draft order as per your advice yesterday Andy. Will now wait and see what happens and perhaps ring court next Tuesday to make sure that they are aware of application (was posted guaranteed deilvery before 1pm today).
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