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  1. Hmmm, this is a toughi isn't it. I can't understand why, if you officially closed your account in 2005 they have still been applying charges throughout 2006? I agree that the charges made are unlawful and as such you should be able to claim them back. However, as they seem to think you owe them more than the claim i think they may have the right to deduct this amount from the total they say you owe them- but i'm not sure. I just don't know unfortunately, perhaps someone higher up on the forum food chain will pitch in and help??? I'll keep having a look at other posts for any info that might help you. keep posting so you get noticed.
  2. Hi, i'm in the same situation - been charged since. I went to my branch and asked for the charges to be refunded, quoting the successful claim i had just made. The bank (manager?) said that they would not refund the further charges and stated 'if you start another claim 'you know wot will happen don't you' meaning he will close my account. been some additional charges since then (used wrong chq book again) so it will be andydug v HSBC (2) This time i'll open a parachute account tho - didn't bother last time!
  3. Andydug

    An Update

    I was also charged after completing my claim but i added a line in the acceptance letter stating this and that a gesture of goodwill they ought to refund this as well at the same time. got two refunds into account -one for full amount of claim and one for further charges. so its always worth asking.
  4. Do you have any more information on why you have a £5k debit balance? If they wont respond you need to put as much info on your next post as possible for people to be able to respond accurately - eg what was the balance on your statement when the account was closed, was there a reason for the closure, did they give you any more info on the £5k, how much are you claiming etc.
  5. Have they made you an offer of this amount or just credited it to your account? If its the latter its very strange but i think can be resolved.
  6. I agree skintscot, it IS daunting but - stick to the procedure, do everything on time (if possible) and keep posting updates on the forum. I found it helped to make a list of the letters i sent etc along with expected response dates, action dates etc then you can just tick them off and move onto the next one. You'll have no problem in getting your money it is YOURS after all - your just asking for it back - firmly ! Just stick to your guns and only accept the full offer (including interest if it goes to the court stage - it can add hundreds of pounds to your claim). and when you get paid - you= your bank= its Soooooo satisfying Good luck
  7. Yes the other charges were also repaid. We've had a charge since and asked for it to be repaid, they said "No, and you know what'll happen if you keep reclaiming charges don't you" ! Here we go again ! LOL:lol:
  8. Been offline a few weeks so thought i should update my thread: HSBC have now settled my claim in full and credited the money to my account. I didn't need to go to court as they settled before the due date. I also accepted the offer but not the confidentiality clause as shown by Bong on the previous thread (thanks Bong). Results survey completed. Good luck everyone. Andy D.
  9. Been offline a few weeks so thought i ought to update my posts. This claim has now been settled in full by Halifax and credited to my account. It was only a small claim so did not need to go to court. I have completed the results survey to help the statistics - I hope everyone else takes the time to do this also. Credit cards are next ! Andy D.
  10. Thanks Deller, but while this idea is a good one and has been posted on this site many, many times, mistakes are made by people, and we shouldn't be made to pay penalties on them, hence my request for info on the earlier post. this is only a small claim which is why it has not gone to the MCOL stage
  11. Thanks V.much Bong, I just needed to be sure - dont want to screw things up at this late stage !! Letter going off today:D cheers,
  12. Yeah, thats wot i think ab123uk. I might accept the offer but add a line in my letter saying something like: 'I reserve the right to reclaim future charges applied to my account' Dunno though, i'm stuck on the last hurdle !
  13. Offer received ! I've had a letter offering me the full amount of my claim as a gesture of goodwill. however, they have stated in their letter - "Please note that any further charges incurred on your account will stand unless they are a result of a Halifax error". I'm going to accept the offer but i'm not sure about the statement above:-| whats the facts about future charges, i'm worrying that if i sign the form with this statement i will not be able to claim back any future charges? anyone else been here?
  14. The Final Push - can anyone offer a bit of advice? I've had the offer letter offering the full amount but they are saying that i have to accept it as 'strictly confidential' - which i don't really want to do, so i was going to sign the form and cross out the confidentiality bit. Also they've taken some more charges which i will have to ask for in the letter. any one got ideas as how to word my response? also whats the facts on future charges - will they still be applied and will i have to keep claiming them back? for info their letter is below: HSBC are entirely confident that its charges are reasonable, are properly and fully disclosed in its terms and conditions, and that it would successfully resist any challenge in the Courts in relation to them. HSBC is, however, mindful of the management time and irrecoverable legal costs associated with litigation in the small claims regime. For those commercial reasons alone, and without any admission of liability whatsoever, HSBC is prepared to make a payment to you in the sum of £xxx representing the charges applied in full and final settlement of this matter. HSBC does, reasonably, require your confirmation that you will treat this payment as confidential. If you accept this proposal please sign and return the enclosed copy of this letter to me and i will arrange for a refund to be made to you.
  15. Hold the press ! Missus has just rang, bank have made a conditional offer for full amount! Didn't have time to go thru it with the wife so i'm guessing by conditional they will be banging on about a confidentiality clause an all that. If so, i'm thinkin of taking the money and agreeing as i don't want my account closed. Does anyone agree/disagree? Wots the latest state of play with HSBC closing accounts - anyone had problems? PS. Donation almost on its way !!
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