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  1. Thanks for the replies and the info. I didn't think there would be much she could do. I have passed the letter template on and hopefully she'll be able to get it back that way. Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but hope someone can help My sister in law changed her bank details around 4 months ago and gave her employer the new account details. her old bank account has an overdraft which she has an agreement to pay £x amount to clear the balance. 2 months ago her employer made a mistake and paid the wages into the old account, she went to the bank and they agreed to give her the money. Her employer advised her that they had made sure the system was now updated and they had the correct details, the following month she was paid corr
  3. Hi, I'm looking at buying a car from a local dealer, they have advised that they know the mileage is wrong on it and it has covered around 50000 more than is showing on the Speedo, they have just put a new MOT on it. I can get it for a good price (based on actual mileage) and was wondering, this could be a stupid question but is it ok to buy a car that I know has potentially been clocked? the garage dont know who clocked it but have said it wasnt them. cheers, Nick
  4. how hard is it to get a ccj set aside?
  5. *BUMP* any one that can help please
  6. not yet, we were told last week and i've had this week off. when i go back on monday i'll see what i can get and update you guys
  7. when we were told the top boss said anyone that leaves before June would still get it and it couldn't be taken back if you left. but i think it was a sli pof the tongue and what he meant was the payment would be made in june and if you chose to leave you could keep it as it covers the pay up til next year. they are paying it in our june pay, its at the end of the month and covers june. thanks for the reply
  8. hi, thanks for the reply, its not you i dont think i explained it too well. the salary band for the role i am on now has 3 progression points that go up after year 1,2 and 3 so that after year 3 you are on the top salary you can be in this role. They now want to drop the pay at year 3 by £1000. the role i am going into is classed as a different part of the business and they have their own different pay scales so i wont be affected by the pay cut. but i think as they are paying £1500 to cover last years, this years and next years pay rises they wont be getting i should be entitled to at le
  9. Hi, The company that i work for has decided to bring a new pay structure in, so that they fall in line with other companies. basically what they are saying is that they want to cut the top banding by £1000 and will do it gradually over 2 and a half years but will give everyone a 'payment' of £1500 in June the new deal needs to go through the union ballot and the new pay would come in as of the 1st June. The £1500 is to cover the pay rises from last year, this year and next year. The question i have is that i start a new role within the company on the 1st of June which is on a differ
  10. hi, sorry for taking so long to reply, with moving house and having a new job i've just been so busy. and to be honest the thing that reminded me was when i got a letter from the court saying i had to pay or they would be coming round! i now have a copy of both of the claims, they have different case numbers but under where it has bryan carters contact details it has the same reference number for them. on the first one under the particulars of the claim it does say 'the claimant claims £223, such sum being part of a debt due under an agreement number xxx (the agreement) whereby the d
  11. i'll call them tomorrow to see what they say. to be fair to them the people i have spoken to have been really helpful and they put me on the lowest tariff available. i'll remember that thanks, i had so many problems with bt i think i'll be looking at any possible avenue not to have to use them again thanks
  12. i think the billing code should apply regadless as if the supplier has failed to send you a correct bill then it applies so if the meter details are wrong then the bill cannot be correct, if you are paying them on the wrong meter then they may argue that the meter serial number is on the bill and you should have advised them (not my opinion). but the billing code should still apply. there are certain suppliers that carry out the checks that you refer to. these should be carried out by every supplier to rectify problems before they get too bad. spending money now would save them money in the
  13. hi, thanks for the reply and moving the thread, my line rental is with sky too. so it looks like i will have to pay til the end of the contract, do you know if they would let me buy the contract out? thanks
  14. hi, there would be no point contacting national grid as the gas meter is ok and that is what they deal with, it might be worth finding out what type of meter your neighbour has as if they have e.g. a 'heatwise' meter they would have 2 MPAN's meaning neither are for you. to get yourself a meter the i believe the council would have to contact the local electricity board to arrange for the supply to be split once that is done you would contact your chosen supplier o arrange a meter installation, they would possibley have to create you a new MPAN and then arrange the meter fit. if it was
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