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  1. Thanks AS I paid about £75 in PPI according to the statement I was sent. Dx, it was a buy now pay later agreement from pc world, I owe just over £1000, £200ish is made up of interest and missed payment fees. By the end of July I'm moving abroad indefinitely and as such I moved out of the house I was renting a few days a go and moved in with a friend. When I reply to the dca can I use 'no fixed abode' as an address because I don't want to pass on my friends address to these people. I realise this would make corresponding with me impossible but could I send them my new address abroad o
  2. Hi Ladies and Gents, Some time a go I sent a CCA request to a DCA and this is their responce https://docs.google.com/open?id=0Bw1_cLYcJeEbRm90LUNzbWVtNEU Is this enough to enforce the debt because at the bottom it says page 1 of 3, should they send the other 2? Also my name is mis-spelt in the debtor bit (top left), does this effect anything? Thanks in advance.
  3. Will do, the loan and OD are separate accounts and the loan is now sorted because they couldn't produce a copy of the agreement. As far as I'm awear the OD is on hold and has been for a couple of year but I'll double check tonight.
  4. I was refunded just over £2000, I haven't looked properly yet but no I don't think anymore charges have been added but if they have it won't be much as I stopped using that account.
  5. No, all lowell has sent me is a bunch of statement like the type you get from the bank every month.
  6. Hello ladies and gents, Back in Feb of this year lowell portfolio sent two letters for a loan and overdraft I had with natwest. Following advise from here I've managed to get the loan sorted, however the overdraft is proving more difficult. They eventually sent statements yesterday to show how the overdraft has accumulated, now back in 07/08 I challenged natwest that the bank charges were unfair (which is mainly what's its made up of) and the day before I was due in court natwest sent a cheque via special delivery as a gesture of good will and asked me to stop the court proceedings.
  7. Cheers guys, what do you think I should do? Just wait and see if the statements turn up? Also I forgot to mention Natwest have previously tried taking me to court over my overdraft charges and they pulled out at the last minute, will this make a difference?
  8. Hi everyone, I resently recieved 2 letters from Lowell Portfolio 1 for 2 seperate debts from Natwest but for the life of me I couldn't remember how these debts came about so I sent 2 CCA requests for each account. I have recieved a responce today for 1 of the accounts, as follows Dear Mr ********* We refer to your request for a copy of your original credit agreement in accordance with the provisions of the section 77(1) and / or 78(1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Please find enclosed the £1 sent with your letter. This account from which the above amount is due rela
  9. That great, thanks, ill keep up to date on how my claim goes
  10. hi folks ive just recently learnt that i can claim the banks charges back from a friend who recommended this site. ive been looking though and im a bit confused on how to work out the interest ive been charged, any suggestions?
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