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  1. Congrats to you , just before Xmas to
  2. Standard TBH , if you claim twice on the same account they close it
  3. Hi i'm looking for a copy of the document where HSBC has listed all the ACTUAL costs involved in dealing bounced cheques etc. I've done a search but can't seem it find it i wold be really grateful if someone could help
  4. Told ya Cross out confidential bit, and your moeny will be in account in about 3-4 days. Unless you specifically asked for a cheque in your POC
  5. plonker

    Matt v HSBC

    Don't worry read this thread and put your mind at rest http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hsbc-bank/47368-hsbc-filed-defence-should.html#post375989
  6. Relax same thing happened to me last friday , they entered a defence on monday there was a letter from DG waiting for me offered full settlement. No need to worry all standard stuff as has already been mentioned there just buying time as they are really busy. No doubt because everyone is claiming just before XMas
  7. well done you. I've run out of bank accounts unfortunately
  8. Moneys just hit my account !! Anyone got a template for me to send to courts to cease action ???
  9. plonker

    Julie Kyle

    Amuses me no end that people who work for a legal company don't even know if a certain person works there anymore!!!
  10. £450 including 8% interest of HSBC. And its just hit my account today !!!!
  11. plonker

    Julie Kyle

    Not sure if this is old news or not ,but on my settlement letter its says if you need anything to ask for Julie kyle. Only to be told by a guy that she no longer works there. So if you looking for Julie kyle apparently she doesn't work there now. So for the record they are answering calls off 01214552701. Hope this is of some help to you all
  12. Ooops wrong forum Personally I would send a 2 copies to courts just cover your ass. Its only going to cost you £1 . Just my 2 p worth
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