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  1. Received a letter this morning offering me £800 against my claim of £908!! However they have based this offer from my 1st schedule of charges which I sent with prelim letter. This SOC was wrong and said my total was £830 - I had actually missed off 2 recent charges of £39 so with the LBA letter i sent updated SOC with new total of £908. There offer and my LBA have crossed in the post so they are still working towards £830 figure. Should i take this offer of £800 or try for say £860 as I am entitled to the full £908. What should I do or say as I'm going to ring on Sunday/Monday and th
  2. Just noticed I added up my schedule of charges wrong and it is now correct. Original sent said £830 but I should be claiming £908 - I missed recent DD charges of £39. What should I do, just send the correct version with the LBA letter??
  3. Thanks for that but I have been told to send all letters to Trinity Rd (Head Office) but I haven't sent one to them as my 1st post points out. What should I do? Should I send the LBA letter to the customer relations dept or to the branch manger. My preference is the branch manger but the only reply I had from my prelim letter was the bog standard letter from Customer Relations dept saying they had 8 weeks to reply.
  4. Please read my chris_smith V Halifax thread!! (On this page) and leave any advice as I'm getting concerned and confused on how to move forward!!
  5. Any advice / help is much appreciated and required!!!!
  6. Thanks for that. But I sent 3 letters 2 weeks ago, one to customer relations, one to my branch manager and I emailed the chief exec. Only customer relations replied as I stated. I sent my schedule of charges with the first letter and will do so again. My main grey area is the paragraph n the LBA letter which states my charges, the interest and the daily interest rate. Ive never had a bank overdraft so do I list the 8% interest in the LBA letter or not and how do I word it. Also do I now change tack and write to head office. Please bear in mind I live in Halifax too!!! I would rather
  7. Hi peeps I sent my prelim letter to 3 depts 14 days ago (which may have been a mistake??). I actually only got a response from the customer relations dept in Leeds who from previous experience are useless anyway. I would rather pursue ny branch manger (which is in Halifax anyway as I'm a born and bred Halifaxonian!!!) who didn't reply. Is this ok or should I go via customer relations as they responded? They responded with a letter that stated they were sorry I was unhappy blah, blah blah and under the FSA they had 8 weeks to investigate and respond (Tosh). Also another question is ho
  8. Just starting the process to take on HBOS and HSBC!! Hello to everyone!
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