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  1. I'm having fun with this one - not. LMC informed me to contact Independent Finance Corporation with this one as they were the broker. They supplied me with the address - so I sent a recorded delivery letter which was returned as addressee has moved. This of course is not correct, they have renamed themselves as Central Trust (Central Capital - whatever). I'm sure if I sent them a settlement thay would accept mail as Independent Finance. nicho1120 - do you have the letter - is there a template for sending asking for a copy of all transcripts etc... Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, I sent my first PPI letter of to LMC last Wednesday, basically I had a single premium policy on my loan to value of £4380, has anyone else had any dealings with LMC or Matlock Bank??
  3. From what I can gether yes you can still claim. I have just sent by recorded mail my first PPI letter. I was charged a single premium of nearly £4500 on my loan and had no option to take the loan without it. I repaid the loan after 19 months and got NO refund. The insurance was just added to the whole loan. So I payed interest on that as well. I will keep tabs on how you progress, and keep you informed how it is going with mine...
  4. How about this, I have recently settled with Halifax before MCOL. The daughter of a colleague at work had agreed a partial settlement with HSBC even though they had filed with court. She rec'd money before Xmas. Now this week she received a letter from HSBC solicitors offering full settlement!! Thinking - what have I got to lose she signed and sent back the offer. Then hey presto HSBC credited her account with the remainder of her claim - what's that all about???
  5. I don't think they close accounts as a course of action. Though they do put a veiled warning if you tried to claim a second time they may do this. I had a £2.5k overdraft (Now gone thanks to settlement:D ). Obviously any amount you won would come off your overdraft unless you could get them to send you a personal cheque to be cashed elsewhere?
  6. Sent my acceptance of offer on Tuesday 2nd, Money in bank on Tuesday 9th!! :D How about that! Will fill in survey and make donation tomorrow...(faster PC than one I am currently using - click then wait 10 mins for page to appear...) ***SETTLED*** - please add to thread title. Now sending Prelim tomorrow for Early Redemption Charge from last November to try and get another little bit Xtra .
  7. Congrats on finally getting your cash Hillards. Keep going with your other claims - I know you won't actually see the money but a moral victory might give you a bit of heart. I am hoping to get my money in my a/c by the end of this week. I am then going to go for an Early Redemption charge against the Halifax - I never knew you could until I read other threads on the site to do with ERCs. I also had a 2nd charge mortgage that I managed to sort out last year, but had incurred some horrendous costs & extras. I will now try and get some of this back as well. This was with a less well kno
  8. Also giving them a ring and reminding them that they will incur court costs and interest if it goes to court. I am sure they will up there offer, many people have got there full claim by doing this - I myself last week got near to my amount by bartering. It is worth a try for the cost of a phone call.
  9. Hi Zoot, Thanks for replying to my earlier note. A bit more detail if you could offer advice. I have just settled with Halifax for my bank charges - nearly £3K:D . I last year switched my mortgage from Halifax - £1800 ERC - to Northern Rock. Also in doing this I cleared a horrific 2nd charge loan which was with London Mortgage Company(Matlock Bank). This incurred a £2k+ early repayment charge (As well as having to pay an incredible £4k insurance policy for the loan which was added to the loan regardless from the start). We were in a horrid financial mess at the time and were v
  10. Hi Zoot, I have just taken on and settled with the Halifax before MCOL. Am now wondering who to take on now!! Your thread has inspired me. I changed my mortgage from a hefty rated London Mortgage company to a rather more respectable Northern Rock rate. Needless to say it incurred a hefty early redemption fee which inevitably went on top of the new mortgage. I will now find out my paperwork from the London Mortgage company, when I have got this together I will start out a new thread. I will try and read as much as possible before I get into the nitty gritty but any help would be greatly
  11. I totally agree with you, I have also read many of your posts - thanks for your views. Yes I may well have won more if I had gone all the way, but right from the outset I had a figure I would be over the moon with and I have achieved that and more. I similar to you have Cap One and Citi to have a crack at - nowhere near the amount as the Halifax claim, but hey if you don't try you don't get. Again if I settle for a % of the charges it is more money in my a/c than if I'd just sat there and thought I wish....
  12. Cheers, hope you had a good Xmas - I won't relax until I see that figure in my a/c but its great to go into the New Year with this all hopefully sorted.
  13. I was awoken this morning by a person from Halifax Customer Relations, it was a very sobering phone call as I had over indulged on the Baileys last night (as well as that certain Belgian lager)...... Anyhow I was due to have filed my MCOL yesterday but was going to have to wait for more funds before I could. After all the usual blurb about how CC charges were still £12 and if they refunded all the money to reflect a £12 charge I still wouldn't get this much money... He then finally offered me a goodwill gesture, which was about 75% of my claim. I basically asked for the full amount and
  14. Hi Nicky, I am matching you stage by stage, and getting my MCOL ready. At least you have had an offer though - I've only had acknowledgement:confused: . They seem to play different games with different people!!
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