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  1. I signed the hand held device at my home when they dropped the car off, they tole me i was signing for the car and its condition and nothing else
  2. I signed for a hire car from a claims assist company on a hand held electronic device that was delivered to my home I was told at the time that this was for me checking over the car and taking delivery at my home. I was sent documents that told me i am responsible for the CREDIT HIRE of this car and not my insurance company. It is obvious that they have lifted my signature from the hand held device and transposed it onto other documents. Is this legal ? They now cannot get the 21000.00 !!! from the other party so they are coming after me with their solicitors. This whole mess from a non fault accident in Feb 2011. I want to fight them but need some help.
  3. Hi slickhad a reply from DFC on 1st augthey saidthank you for your communication, the contents of which have been noted on file.we will contact you shortly with our findingsthank you for bringing this to our attention.signedT DixonRECOVERY DIVISION(WITHOUT PREJUDICE)
  4. took out an insurance policy for my car April 2010 paid 1st installment over the phone with debit card and set up DD for the remainder.Later that month the car broke down and we were told by the garage that the car needed a complete engine rebuild which we couldn't afford.We decided to put the car in the garage and cancel the insurance which we did in May over the phone.Fast forward to march 2011, we get a renewal reminder from Post Office Insurance so i ring them and they tell me we had been insured the whole time because it had not been cancelled.No money had been taken from my account for the whole 10 months yet they are adamant we were insured the whole time and now they want £850.00. I have refused point blank to give them a penny, but now they have handed it over to an outfit called C.A.R.S who are harrassing me and threatening legal action to recover this money.I need some help and advice please.
  5. her son who is 15 wanted to join a gym for fitness and weights, so she joined on his behalf the admin company is called Debit Finance Collections plc, PO box 6046, Milton Keynes, MK1 9BA the gym is called Ultimate Training Centre, Wolverhampton Road, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 1AS membership started 15/03/2011 contract period is 12 months. she has paid all DD to date but has cancelled now so the august one won't go through her son is 15. she has cancelled the DD at the bank and written to both the gym and Debt Finance Collections who administer the membership. she has a signed service agreement that states the service provider is Ultimate Training Centre.
  6. Hi any help here would be greatly appreciated.a member of my family a single parent signed a service agreement for gym membership for her 15 year old son.she has just lost her job and cannot afford the membership any longer.she paid her first months membership 40.00 in cash at the time of signing the service agreement and has paid the last 4 months on time by DD.Not only can she now not afford this membership but also her son and his friend have been using the gym equipment totally unsupervised. she and I are of the opinion that this gym have been negligent in allowing these boys access to the gym unsupervised.She wrote to the gym and their collection agent Debit Finance Collections PLC and the agent replied with the usual rhetoric that if she defaults they will automatically pass her name on to the credit reference agencies.Just need a little help to make them go awaythanks
  7. the document date is 24/03/11 which is after the offence date of 11/03/2011, ah well we can but try, does anyone have a letter or advice i could send them to stir it up a bit !!
  8. the date on the V5C is (ACQUIRED VEHICLE ON 15 02 2011 so it predates the NIP by 24 days
  9. i have received a NIP from a speed camera, 38 in a 30 the offence was on 11/03/11 the NIP is dated 20/06/11 I rang the local Staffordshire safer roads partnership who informed me that they tried to get the registered owners details from the DVLA and the DVLA gave them the previous owners details and the fact that they sent the original NIP to the previous owner within 14 days means they have fulfilled their statutory duty and the NIP has been served correctly. I had not long brought the van at the time of the alleged offence so there may be some credence in their story, but have they been diligent enough for it to take 15 weeks from the alleged offence to contact me.
  10. i have an outstandng dispute with egg card and heve been chased over the years by various DCA'sI have now heard that Barclays have brought egg.I have a barclays account can they take money from this account to settle the egg card
  11. worked from home today, at 08.01 i had a call from Lloyds tsb wanting to speak to my son, I told them he would be back at 17.30. 13 more phone calls later finishing at around 15.30 I am so ****ed off. 7 of these calls had no one on the other end just silence, so bloody annoying!!. Is it legal for them to make silent calls like this? I rang and complained to Ltsb after nearly an hour on the phone being passed from pillar to post I finally found out it was a crowd called MHA Collections (Moor House Agency) who apparantly collect debt for Ltsb. I contacted them on 0845 600 6293 or 6390 they told me it was perfectly legal to phone me as many times as they want to and denied they call and stay silent, absolute unadulterated bovine excreta. I would like some help in bringing these clowns to book
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