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  1. I won i won! They didnt turn up in court, they faxed the court on wednesday to say they were going to settle in full which they did at midnight! checked my bank account, its all there!! WOOOHOOO!
  2. no, checked my account and they havent paid anything so am thinking they are going ahead! Either that or they will wait until i've driven 2 1/2 hours South to let me know!!
  3. I posted everything off on monday and called the court to let them know. They said that was fine. Just wait and see what happens on friday. Thanks for your help Gary, really appricate it. Can anyone confirm what will happen on the day? do we all sit around a table and get asked questions and i have to state my option/belives?
  4. I will have to post it to the court as i have moved since starting this claim, its over 2 hours drive! would posting next day del be enough?
  5. my court date is this friday and the docs should have been in 14 days before that. I only sent my letters to lloyds and copy of my statement.
  6. opps! Is an ajornment a better idea? The attachment on the email 'basic court bundle' do i just need to add my statements, currant charges and corrs? it has everything else i need but i may just need to adjust it to suit?
  7. I sent a copy of the letters between myself and lloyds, and my statement. That not enought?
  8. the letter is headed 'notice of allocation of the small claims track (hearing)'. so I would say hearing. The letter asks me to send any doc i tend to reply on at the hearing to all parties which i have done but i havent had anything from Lloyds, should they have sent something to me?
  9. I have my day in court on friday, i have my 'speech' ready. Any tips or things to remember to help? not sure what to expect. Do i need to just say my bit and argue my case?
  10. getting my details ready for my day in court! housework in on hold today! Sent the questionnaire back with a copy of the charges and mt letters to Lloyds, also going to sent a copy yo Lloyds sols.
  11. The more i read the more confident i feel! Am about to fill out the wonderful questionaire! Joy! Have you guys used and experts or witnesses? and why would they need an expert? thought they were the experts!!!
  12. I have just received the questionaire and am awaiting a court date. Going to make sure am really prepared for it. Thanks for you help guys
  13. Hi, Am at the stage of preparing my defence! I have completed the letters process and have had to proceed with the 'money claim online'. Am very nervous about it all as if anyone if likely to lose, it would be me! Can anyone give me pointers with regard to the defence i have to prepare? What should i say? Any advice would be very kindly received! Thanks:o
  14. Hi all, Very worried about all this legal stuff, just heard today that Lloyds have submitted a defence! Not sure what will happen now? I will have to prepare my defence and wait for a possible court date if it gets that far? What should i say in my defence? should i quote differant case studies and laws? Am scared that i may be made an example of and lose against them! Can anyone confirm that it shouldnt get to that?!?!:o
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