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  1. A&L not closing my account now, I just spoke to them and they were actually almost nice... just got to sort out this business with the cheque charges now! New year new start me thinks!
  2. I got a natwest basic account a few years ago, started with a Solo card (useless as no-one takes them), then switched to Alliance and leicester basic account a year ago. Started with a horrid Visa Electron, but they let me have a normal visa after a few months. Unfortunately now need to find another basic account...!
  3. Had an ongoing complaint with A&L as I've been overdrawn without an overdraft a few times these last few months, mainly due to their charges! I've been doing some overtime and even took out payday loans (6 months ago, I've still not repaid them), but finding it hard to catch up. Recently I asked them to stop a cheque so i could clear some charges, but they cancelled the wrong cheque. I didn't have the cheque number at the time but I told them that. They guesssed the cheque no and went ahead, then charged me again when it bounced. They don't accept any responsibility for it. Am in the proce
  4. My court ordered judgment on my claim, to which the bank successfully applied for judgment to be set aside. I had previously written to the court about my financial hardship. So it seems the courts aren't necessarily considering financial hardship. Although i may keep trying!!
  5. you should point out in that letter that you are suffering from financial hardship and therefore the bank has a duty under the FSA waiver agreement to process your claim. Anywhere I can copy & quote the waiver agreement in my letter to Alliance & Leicester? They already refused to pay out even though I sent them details of my debt management plan and filled out an income & expenditure form.
  6. Quick catch-up... I eventually persuaded the court that i couldn't afford the £250 fee so they asked me to pay £50. I wrote to the court explaining that I am on a debt management plan and wish for the court to consider the claim even though the banks' case is in the high court. The bank had until 3rd Dec to pay up or defend, and they didn't do either. Due to no response from the bank I filed for judgment, which the court granted on December 6th, they ordered the bank to pay me immediately. Nationwide then wrote to the court on Jan 22nd to say they hadn't received the original claim! Probably a
  7. I finally won after threatening court etc. After July it became nearly impossible, until I sent A&L copies of my debt management plan, income & expenditure, etc and asked them to reconsider my claim on an individual basis. They repaid me immediately - £557!!
  8. I wrote one last letter to the bank saying that I had put my court bundle together. I asked them to reconsider my claim on an "individual basis" and not on the basis of charges being unlawful. I attached copies of my financial statement which includes details of my debt management plan, listing my creditors, monthly outgoings and income & expenditure. I explained that the charges were detrimental to my debt management plan. They refunded me immediately - £557!!! Hoorah!!! of course it's all gone on bills though...... :-0
  9. Sent my letter before action for £311. Received reply today mentioning the high court test case, and that although A&L are "not one of the banks in the test case [they] have asked the FSA to suspend the normal timetable for dealing with complaints about charges... the FSA has agreed to this request subject to conditions that protect your rights." Pah! protecting my rights? I should have the right to claim whilst the test case is going on! "Similarly, you should be aware that if you choose to issue a claim in the County Courts, we intend to apply to the Court for an order to sta
  10. Just completing the claim form, do i use the registered address they use on the bottom of their letters? (ie Pipers Way, swindon SN38 1NW). Also - any thoughts on the £5k claim anyone????? Thanks!
  11. Has anyone claimed more than £5k with nationwide??
  12. Right, it's taken me a while to get the court fee, but am now about to submit the claim. It totals £5792.29 (including the 8% on interest and 8% on penalties). Shall i submit it as per the small claims method, and ask that they consider it go through the small claims court? The actual fees and interets without the 8% total £4670.89. Or is there a template for claims bigger than £5k?
  13. At last..... I've WON!!!! Got a letter through on Friday 1st saying they'd refunded £1513.01 into my bank account. Such a relief as i thought I was going to court on Monday. Letter stated usual gumpf about not admitting liability. onwards with more court claims now....!!
  14. Ok it's getting a bit late for me now, but I'll be logging on tomorrow evening. Any help / support is much appreciated! Only a week and a half away now!!
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