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  1. Hi - does anyone know what to do if you are charged more fees AFTER you have filed a claim on MCOL and D&G have acknowledged and intend to defend claim?
  2. Thanks David. Much appreciated! Fingers crossed, I will just wait and see what happens now!
  3. Thanks! But I am a little worried on one particular thing.....When I sent the first 2 letters to HSBC - I accidently put the 8% charges on the schedule of charges when I sent them with the letters - will this matter?!!
  4. Thanks guys. But what happens if it does go to court?
  5. I have sent my 1st and 2nd letters to HSBC bank and had no response. I followed the next step by issuing a claim to HSBC on MCOL. I received an Acknowledgement of Service today - the bank has 28 days to file a defence and it states they intend to defend all of the claim. Is there anything to worry about?!
  6. What happens if you have sent the Letter before action enclosing the charges WITH the interest also? I sent both letters with the 8% charges added on the spreadsheet at the bottom but my letter I only stated how much I am owed WITHOUT the charges - is this a problem? I have had no answer from the first or second letter from HSBC - their 2 week deadline for an answer to my second letter is Monday (20th Nov). Should I send the MCOL if I still am not getting a word out of HSBC???
  7. Hi there. Two weeks ago I sent HSBC Bank a letter with my charges enclosed. They did not respond. I read through the next step in this website and sent the second letter with the charges enclosed again - but this time I sent it by recorded delivery. What happens if they do not respond again in 14 days?
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