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  1. I thought as much, just that you never know for sure. Oh, well. It's a bit annoying though, I can understand a desire to make parking available for residents, but they've gone overboard in this area and everywhere that's not residents is double yellow lines!! Even though there are plenty of areas that are not outside or even near peoples homes, they've all been earmarked residential.
  2. I think I know the deal, I have to post a scan before you can comment, so here it is... I may or may not have overstayed the 90 minutes in a residents only space, or I may have moved my vehicle and come back again to the same spot over 90 minutes later....geddit? Help? or should I just pay? FYI this is a stupid residents only spot, over 100 yards away from any residencies that don't have their own private car park (flats) for off street parking.
  3. Please update the list, Keighley are staying all cases.
  4. Spoke to a very nice lady at Keighley CC last Friday. She rang to tell me I'd not put the defendants full name on the N1 and would I like to drop in another corrected copy. She also mentioned all these cases were going before a DJ and would be stayed more or less automatically, however I haven't yet received any notice from the Court so I'll be chasing early next week.
  5. I don't know for sure but I would think that if you make your claim thru FOS now then they will say the bank should pay 6 from the the date of your complaint to FOS. I'd rather take my chances with the very sensible, in most instances, County Courts and District Judges.
  6. Hiya, I've been trying to PM mods but most of you (didn't try everyone) seem to have exceeded your limit on PM storage!! Standard terms of Lloyds TSB Bank Plc From 1998 “If you overdraw your account or exceed an overdraft limit without prior agreement a higher rate of interest is changed on this unauthorised borrowing… Changed should of course be "charged." cheers, Invictus.
  7. Also looking at point 7 of Lloyds standard defense they argue that the charges are a fee for a service not a charge as a result of a breach and therefore do not have the meet the UTCCR test of fairness in section 6 (I think it says 6 just going from memory). Will the ruling address this point at all, I doubt it.
  8. Having read all the reports I can find and the clear-headed advice in the sticky about the test case my thoughts are thus: Complaints to FOS right now, pretty much a waste of time. The only possible use is to put a stake in the ground that you can count your six years back from so that you don't lose out on claiming any past charges as time rolls on, whilst waiting for the ruling of the high court. County Court claims, CARRY ON! although the banks will almost certainly ask for a stay, it is I believe up to the district judge, and even if the judge grants a stay you can apply to have it lifted. I'm not sure on what grounds yet but I think something along the lines of the abuse of process strikeout application, i.e. the banks already know the charges are unlawful as evidenced by the number of claims settled despite them filing defenses. Also may be able to claim something about the scope of the OFT "test case" (I hate it that they dumb it down like this) being too limited to be useful. Just to clarify, this is not a "test case" since there is no case, it is the OFT asking the High Court to clarify whether UTCCR (the piece of legislation) can be applied to bank charges, not, in my understanding, whether bank charges are themselves unfair. Please feel free to correct me if you think I'm barking up the wrong tree, but I'm going to issue a couple more claims very soon.
  9. Interesting, Lloyds settled about 5 days before my directions hearing.
  10. I'll make a note of that now and keep it in mind, although it's not Yorkshire.
  11. Aha! what an excellent reply. I'd have never thought of that! My wife is of course the common denominator between the accounts and no, we don't have to both sign for joint account cheques. I think I'll be good to go with my next claim early next week now. Thanks again!
  12. Hiya, wife has account with bank X and we also have a joint account with bank X. Can we both claim together on the same N1 for the sole and joint accounts? Or does she have to claim for hers on one Claim and both together for the joint account on another Claim? I hope we can do it together, one less £120 to have to shell out. (I know we get them back but it's a lot of money to be out of pocket in the meantime.) Hoping to submit the claim(s) early next week so any advice will be greatfully received. Thanks, Invictus.
  13. I don't think anyone should be discouraged from claiming but should be realistic about timescales and the amount of effort you have to put in.
  14. invictus

    Wiki working???

    Now working for me and looking good!
  15. Heh, thanks Steven, as someone who's already won you'll know just how good it feels. Site donation to be made shortly when I finish sorting out the forms for the court. I now suspect the DJ knew exactly what he was doing when he made this Order for a Directions Appointment for 20 mins. He's saved the courts a huge amount of time I reckon. (and btw saved me having to pay the AQ fee, I know I'd have got it back, but still).
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