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  1. Does it make a difference if they haven't cashed the cheque...?
  2. They've not cashed the cheque ... I wonder if they are playing a new game...?
  3. Halifax responded with an offer of £39. Cap One responded with "nothing doing" Barclays are investigating. I have CCA'd Cap One and Halifax on Feb 4th. Cap One have said I should have sent them a £10 Cheque for a SAR instead of a £1 cheque and say this is their final response. Halifax haven't responded. If I have CCA'd them - when does the account go into default?
  4. For the above batch of letters it needs to be concluded within 8 weeks before going to the FSA? Is that from the date of the letter? If so that gives them until 16th March to resolve.
  5. Mon 19 Jan Have written to Morgan Stanley / Barclay Card informing PPI refund required due to misselling. Have written to Halifax and Cap One informing Credit Card Charges refund required.
  6. Would the following serve as a basis for reclaiming PPI: Dear Sirs, I write to you with reference to the Payment Protection Insurance that you have been levying against the following account XXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ-AAAA since it's opening. You have been instructed in writing on no less than three separate occasions to cancel this insurance from the account referred to above, with the first instruction being sent one week after the account was opened. This is end I am requesting that a full refund of the charges levied be returned, along with any interest which have have been levied.
  7. Hi Dx, Thank you for your reply. In which case I'll write to MS/BarclayCard and chase the PPI. In reference to writing to my creditors and telling them they will only be getting £x for y Months, would that not have a severe and lasting impact on my future ability to obtain credit? For example if I wanted to buy a new car in 4 years time - how would the above action affect that option? Many thanks for your reply.
  8. Additionally can I assume it would be wise to not try and claim at this stage any charges until the CCA has been returned?
  9. So I think the first steps are to request a copy of the CCAs. I'm going on the assumption to do things one step at a time, and leave the PPI for the time being, as if I understand it correctly if the CCA is unenforceable the PPI should also be wiped. Is that an accurate line of thinking?
  10. So I thought I would start up a thread as I am somewhat confused and need to get back on track. I'm at somewhat of a loss with the forum, I've read as much as I can but it all seems so very confusing. Hopefully I'll be able to get some help here. My list of people to contact: Next I tried to order something online and pay by card but they set up a credit agreement in my name but without me asking. Is this allowed? The rest have all had a small amount of charges on each account which I will try and reclaim. Ikano Barclaycard Virgin Halifax Capital One M
  11. Is there a way to opt out of having information stored/stored electronically by the CRAs?
  12. Are there any template letters for this? Am I right in thinking that the CRAs have lodged the missed payments without being provided with any evidence from 3? As the CRAs are holding and publishing data on me, if that data is wrong is that grounds for libel?
  13. Three - I'll have a look and dig out any records I have. I think I wrote one letter, and may have a diary which recorded the days I called them to complain about poor service quality. Barclaycard stopped the DD Quote: "to stop me incurring further charges from my bank"
  14. Thanks for the reply Does that mean I can do nothing about the 3 Mobile "marks" on my credit rating?
  15. 41 views and no replies? Someone must be able to help?
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