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  1. Checked my account this morning and they have paid £7110 in. It's about £800 short. I'm going to fax SC & M oin Monday and tell them I'm attending court at the hearing on Tuesday to get the difference. Still, I'm pleased to see they have paid out!
  2. Finally got my order back from the court. The Judge has ignored my AQ and has listed the claim in small claims court, hearing on May 1st which is a lot sooner than I'd expected. Fingers crossed there's a settlement this month
  3. I'm going to chase up the court tomorrow to see what's happening with the directions order, then speak to SC&M before I decide what to do. I'd like to try the SJ method but really just to prompt them into settling rather than being depserate for a hearing as such. Thanks for the advice folks.
  4. Hull - my local one. I'm a lawyer but I do family and my firm's litigators only do personal injury work so I can't really ask their advice! Experience of the claims is better anyway, which is why I'm here.
  5. Summary judgement is quite an aggressive tactic by the way, for those who don't know, but it appears to be perfectly suited: PART 24 - SUMMARY JUDGMENT PRACTICE DIRECTION – THE SUMMARY DISPOSAL OF CLAIMS - This Practice Direction supplements CPR Part 24
  6. I've filed my AQ with the draft order as recommended on here. Am only claiming charges, interest and 8% interest rather than contractual but it comes to £7990 through, it must be said, gross financial mismanagement on my part. Anyway, I've filed my AQ and, having spoken to court, so have they. It's been referred to a District Judge next week for the order. I rang SC&M and requested a copy of their AQ. I was given short shrift essentially, and told they aren't obligated to send me one so I should contact the court. What I want to know is this - at what stage in fast track claims a
  7. I've sent the usual letters to LLoyds TSB. The first elicited no response whatsoever so 14 days later I sent the letter before action, which they replied to very promptly. I received the usual fob off letter - our lawyers consider our charges fair, blah blah, no refund, banks final response. I am going to issue proceedings then, in accordance with the guidelines - but, through severe financial mismanagement LLoyds owe me £5600 not including interest. This takes me into fast track at court, not small claims and potentially makes me liable to pay their costs if they defend it. It
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