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  1. Hi, Looking for advice here as Forrester UK Holdings continually asking for money we do not owe. Basics are: credit card terminal rental/lease in 2003 for a 4 year minimum period from Hypercom and we then continued after the 4 years paying quarterly rental as required. Repeated requests from Forrester UK Holdings to renew for another four year lease with new machine saying machine not compliant and was going to break down and they couldn't service it. As they no longer offered support for the machine. November 2013 the credit card terminal developed an electronic fault which Forrester said they could not fix or repair and we required to hire a new terminal and it would be for four years minimum contract. We told them no thanks and that we would move to an online virtual terminal with other provider and they could arrange uplift of the terminal. Forrester then sent us a request for more payments (for a terminal which was faulty) and that we were required to send it back. We sent it back recorded and signed for and Forrester saying they don't have it despite us having proof of signature at their end. We told them it was now harassment with repeated calls and really rude on phone to whoever answers call. Tonight they then send email now demanding and extra £500 for the terminal as it has been returned and is faulty stating they do not accept faulty terminals back. This beggars belief - so we were renting a terminal from them, it develops an electronic fault they say they can't repair and want us to pay for the faulty goods they have been renting to us that doesn't work. They keep calling every week sometimes a couple of times. How do we get them to back off? Or do we just ignore them? Also read something elsewhere that they didn't have a credit licence to rent us the terminal in the first place -is this right enough? Thanks again -
  2. Hi, I have had the worktops resanded which didn't help and made matters worse. I then had the worktops replaced middle of last year and these worktops had the exact same flaw. I then had the worktops replaced again and the manufacturer installed a worktop with a different finished edge to eliminate the manufacturing problem. I now await B & Q coming out to complete remedial work. If anyone has problems with this type of worktop feel free to ask me how I got the manufacturer involved who then did all they could to solve the problem. Brian
  3. Hi, Thanks for reply. They are both the HP Pavilion DV6000 Series - Model: dv6152eu The laptops would not boot up. Initially they would cut off after starting then refused to boot up totally, I even tried total re-install at the times it happened and it had no effect. HP and Comet have admitted that this is a fault that was known with this model and the warranty was extended by a year to deal with it but my arguemnt is I didn't know warranty had been extended until last year by the time the laptops were 2 and half years old and had been boxed away a year at that time as i couldn't afford to get 2 laptops fixed. I don't see how they can accept there is a manaufacturing fault but refuse to repair when they didn't notify all customers of the fault but I need clarification I am correct before getting laptops examined. They are still fairly good spec'd laptops if they worked !
  4. I am looking for advice if this is still something i can pursue? Both my sons were each bought as presents a: HP Pavilion DV6000 Series on 19/12/06 which were £699 each Both laptops experienced the same problem and stopped working in the middle of 2008 (approx 18 months old) It was only last year that I discovered that there is a known fault causing the problem and HP had apparently extended the warranty to 2 years instead of 1 to rectify the faults. We didn't learn of this until last year which was once the laptops were over 2yrs old. I believe as the laptops had known manufacturers faults, they were then not of satisfactory quality or fit for purpose. Should Comet repair or replace this laptop under the Sale of Goods Act?
  5. Anyone had this type of worktop in white? Not any further forward as B & Q installer and supervisor now blatantly lying regarding previously changed worktop at time of installation with exact same flaws. Now have letter from B&Q stating it is misuse and to go to Furniture Ombudsman. Watch this space as now actually very angry with their response.
  6. Hi, I will keep this brief at the moment as we have had numerous issues regarding the full kitchen install from B & Q. I am looking for anyone else who has had or got problems with the quality of finish on the edging of the Speedstone Solid Worktops or has experience in the manufacture of them. Kitchen ordered July for install first week in October but wasn't fitted until end of November 2008. Kitchen was fully covered up with plastic over doors and plastic and then heavy carpet underlay over worktops to avoid any marks or damage due to ongoing works elsewhere in the house. Anyway, the worktops are Solid in the Ice White and are meant to have seamless joints. We move in the end of April and soon discover several marks/grooves on front corner edges, this is identical to a worktop which the fitters rejected at time of fitting. After repeated phone calls and several visits to the B & Q store, the fitter came back out and saw it in August, tried cleaning it and admitted it was flaws in the worktop which have become more visible with use and he had to get a superviser to come out to see it. Supervisor came out in September, tried cleaning it and said he would need to get rep from manufacturer Sheridans Fabrications to come out ot view it. No one else came out but I did get a call mid October saying the manufacturer said it is just dirty and needs cleaned. I explained it was a flaw in the actual worktop and told the supervisor I wanted this taken further and I wanted the defective worktops changed if they couldn't be repaired. I never heard from anyone and after repeated phonecalls I got a call back today from the install supervisor, saying that B & Q were not prepared to do anything as the worktop had been damaged due to misuse and it was dirt that had gathered in the joint adhesive at high use areas. Now these worktops are sold as seamless and are not meant to have any visible joints. In fact the front edge is formed by cutting a 'V' groove underneath and the front edge is then folded over and for all intense purposes it looks like the 'V' groove has been cut through too far creating the flaws I have described. I have now contact B & Q head Office as well as the finance company to accelerate my complaint but would be interested in hearing if anyone else has had problems with the B & Q Speedstone Solid worktops.
  7. Hi, Comet's own website states quote ' 'If the item is still under its First Year Warranty – your service visit will be free of charge (but please note, there’s a £30 call-out fee if it proves not to be faulty). If our engineer can’t repair it, we’ll then offer you a full refund or exchange – no questions asked.' I would suggest 3 times unable to fix it then full refund or replacement goods. I quoted the same to a manager when he tried to fob me off with vouchers only and I told him I could quite rightly according to their own website get full refund.......... it put enough pressure on him to price match another TV I was after to keep my business with Comet. Hope this helps.
  8. Hi, I have had a problem with an LG Plasma 50" TV which had problems with red ghosting on the screen. The TV was just under a year when the fault was reported and it was sent for a software upgrade but this did not help the problem and when it came back with same fault but now no sound out of right speakers an engineer came out and fixed sound but agreed picture was not right. It was then sent away to Comet workshop again but when it came back TV damaged and stand bent. In fairness when I spoke to an engineer he offered to swap out TV without me asking andbearing in mind the TV over a year old, Comet agreed to a full refund or vouchers to original purchase price of TV which was £2164 in April 2006. I bought a new 50" Plasma and still have over a £1000 in vouchers left. OK... any product can be faulty but it is how the company deals with it and in this case I wouldn't see past Comet the way they have dealt with me overall. Their website does say quote 'If the item is still under its First Year Warranty – your service visit will be free of charge (but please note, there’s a £30 call-out fee if it proves not to be faulty). If our engineer can’t repair it, we’ll then offer you a full refund or exchange – no questions asked. ' I hope this helps.
  9. Hi ZOOT, I've missed out 'cos your full again. Cheers
  10. Hi Zoot, I was trying to PM you, but your in-box is full. Cheers
  11. Hi, they did finally close the account but I believe if you actually put it in wording of claim that the account is to remain open they possibly honour that.
  12. Hi, I am in the process of claiming my ERC too and I am at the MCOL stage which was issued last week. Remember the 8% is not added until the court claim stage. Cheers
  13. Hi, Just to start a thread for this ERC I paid to Lloyds in 1999. 21/11/06 initial request sent reclaiming ERC fee 06/12/06 received a reply stating 'sorry your not happy about your account charges for going over your overdraft' A bit obvious they hadn't even read my letter properly! 12/12/06 Sent LBA to Lloyds 03/0/07 Got basic reply saying I agreed to charges. 10/11/01 MCOL filed and letter sent to Lloyds notifying them of this a providing them with schedule of ERC Fee and interest. 11 & 12/01/07 frantic call received from Lloyds Customer Service asking me to send them a copy of my MCOL as their legal dept hadn't received it yet. So I emailed them my copy and now wait patiently.
  14. Hi, My friend now has letter giving 30 days notice to close his account. He still has a £320 reducing overdraft in place which he cannot afford to clear in 30 days. Can he ask them to continue with the reducing overdraft once account is closed or would they accept a reduced amount to settle the account? Any ideas are welcome.
  15. H, Surprise, surprise.......... although being told over the phone that his account would remain open and his reducing overdraft would remain in place,my friend has now got letter sayng we are giving you 30 days notice to close account. What about the overdraft?
  16. Hi, Not sure if anyone can help with this but I bought a Standard Life Endowment Policy, direct from Standard Life in the full knowledge it was being used for a mortgage. Like many there is now going to be a substantial shortfall. Standard Life admit that they sold me the policy direct and gave no advice re the suitability of the product for my needs but state that as they gave no advice they could not be held liable for giving me wrong advice. Now I can understand the logic in this but surely the fact they gave me no advice is just as bad if not worse? The ombudsman has stated verbally that they can only look at mis-selling due to wrong advice, not no advice! Not sure where to go now or even if I have a case here. Can anyone give me advice re my next step? Thanks
  17. Yes, 7 days is about right but. Everything went ok and friend's account will remain operational.
  18. Hi, I dealt with their claim by using Moneyclaim Online. Claim was accepted on 6th November 2006, Nationwide replied with intent to defend on 9th November. Then on 12th November court fee and interest claimed was paid into my friends account and the remainder of claim paid in on 13th November. All in all, apart from wondering what was going to happen, it all went very easily. Rather than sit back and wait, I drafted a letter for my friend to send telling Nationwide that generally he was pleased with level of service, it was just the issue with all the charges he was disputing. He then asked to keep his account once it was all settled and also for his reducing overdraft to remain in place. Hope this helps. Cheers
  19. Hi, It pays to ask! RESULT. I have just had been advised by my friend that after settling for the full amount claimed (£2781) the Nationwide are keeping his account open and are also keeping his reducing overdraft in place. He had opened another account with another bank but it will be handy to have both in place.
  20. Hi, I claimed charges back for a friend and they have been paid in full on 14th November. At the same time my friend wrote a letter to Nationwide solicitor requesting that despite the ongoing claim he would like to remain with Nationwide for banking, keep his reducing overdraft and not have his account closed. How long have Nationwide waited before giving the 30 day notice of account closure? Cheers
  21. Hi have you had any other contact re this with B & B? Is it settled with an agreement or is it still ongoing? Reason i ask, is I have a friend who is in a similar position. Cheers
  22. Hi Mark, I'm firly new to this site but looking at your figures, the charges look about right for the high interest rate they are charging you. cheers
  23. Hi, I sent it to: Nationwide Building Society Branch Services PO BOX 2098 SN1 5TY Got where it had to go and had first part of refund paid into account 13 November after nationwide acknowledge claim on 9 November. Cheers.
  24. Not sure why my signature not showing, but here is my progress so far. 10/09/06 requested copy of all statements. 15/09/06 letter from Nationwide confirming receipt 20/09/06 copy statements received from Nationwide 21/09/06 letter sent with schedule of all charges requesting that £2373.50 be refunded. 2/10/06 standard reply from Nationwide received saying 'not refunding and suggest you may consider banking elsewhere' 5/10/06 LBA letter ready to post on 6/10/06- just confirming where to send 6/11/06 Filed MCOL for £2781.45 including interest and court fee, AND sent letter to Mr. Bacon, Nationwide lawyer requesting confirmation that account will not be closed and reducing overdraft will remain in place once this matter is concluded. 9/11/06 Nationwide acknowledge claim. 12/11/06 interest and court fee appears in bank account, await full refund of bank charges soon.
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