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  1. Hi mum22boys, how is your claim going? did you manage to get the rest of your money back? the same thing has happened to me. Nationwide have paid me but 100 pounds short, i no its not a lot, but its still my money. Let me know how its going vicki x
  2. Hi everyone, just an update. I have just spoke to MCOL and they said nationwide have put in a defence yesterday, so when i get the papers i need to put that i wish to continue with the claim and then send them back to MCOL. Does this mean that it will go to court to you think? Are they defending because they dont want to pay the extra 100 pounds? Sorry to sound really thick! but i am new to all this. If that is the case, i'd rather them keep the extra 100 pound because i really don't want this to go to court, as i am stressed out enough as it is with it being my final year on teaching tr
  3. Ok thanks for your help Does anybody else know if i have to notify MCOL? thanks in advance
  4. Thanks Debt mountain. I have just emailed Charles Bacon, and also wrote to Sam Phipps. I just included the extra amounts onto my schedule of charges (i should have read your message 1st!) I explained in my letter/email that i will except their offer as part settlement and i will await the remainder amount. I also said that if they don't agree with the amount i have calculated then could they please provide me with a breakdown of how they have calculated the amount that they have refunded. Do i have to do anything with MCOL? My claim was acknowledged on 18th October. Many thaks fo
  5. Hi, thanks for your advice. I think i will email charles bacon again, as he seems to be the one who deals with all of this and ask them to refund the extra charges also, or else i will put in another claim. You should have your money back soon if you have just put your claim in
  6. thanks for your help partypip i will email them asking them how they have arrived at that figure. Does anybody else no if i can claim the extra money even though i have already submitted my MCOL and also receievd some payment to my account? The 14 days for MCOL runs out v.soon so could someone please try and reply soon. Any help is greatly appreciated. vicki xx
  7. Hi everyone, i have been through all the stages of my claim and submitted my MCOL on 13th October for a total of 641.04 (sorry i cant put pound signs for some reason). The total included interest and my 80 pound court fee. I received a letter on 18th October from Nationwide, saying they have refunded a total of 542.28. With the usual bit saying that the amount they have credited to my account is less than the amound i requested on my claim...blah blah blah. So, in short they have refunded me just under 100 pounds less than i have requested. On Monday, i emailed Charles Bacon, req
  8. Hi, could anyone please answer my post above please? many thanks in advance vicki xx
  9. Hi, i have receievd a letter today saying that i have been refunded 451.24 and 80.00 court costs and 11.04 interest. I put my claim in on friday 13th (i must have been mad i no!!) anyway, i received a letter today stating that they have refunded these amounts, but they actually owe me 550, so they have refunded me but it is 100 pounds short. Does anyone have any ideas on what i should do next? thanks in advance for your help vicki xx
  10. Thanks for your help Karnevil, ive have just done my moneyclaim....so fingers crossed! Just had a thought...and maybe i shouldnt have done it on friday the 13th!!im getting nervous now! thanks vicki x
  11. Hi, everyone, i have sent my prelim letter, and also my LBA letter with a schedual of charges. I have waited 14 days and now i am just doing my moneyclaim online. I know it probably sounds really thick, but i need a bit of help filling in the particulars of my claim. The 8% interest part - do i have to work that out myself or is that the interest i have receieved on the bottom of my statements? I have calculated my total claim to be 550 pounds which is just unauthorised overdraft fees and direct debit refusals. any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks x
  12. Hi dolly, i have got microsoft work, but i still cant use the spreadsheet as it wont let me open them thanks vickix
  13. Hi, i am bout to send my LBA letter but i cant download the spreadsheets, none of them seem to be able to open on my computer or laptop. can anyone help?? thanks vicki x
  14. Thanks livelylad, thats put me at ease a little bit!
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