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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hi. On Otober 18th we bought a dongle and laptop bndle from Carphone Warehouse. The dongle was with T-mobile. When we got it home, we discovered that a) there was no sim card in the pack; b) the laptop did not have a Cd drive, something we specifically requested and c) the laptop wouldn't boot anyway. We took it back, and got a sim card and changed the laptop. When we got home again, the sim hadnt been registered and it was now too late to do anything that night. The next day we took it back again and decided after all the tooing and froing we might as well upgrade to a better laptop. t-
  3. Application from Natwest received and returned...action against Lloyds getting closer......
  4. Have you taken legal advice or CAB advice previously, this seems very complex?
  5. I know someone put a link to a US action group somewhere on this forum, but I'm damned if I can find it. Might be able to see what HSBC charges over there. Otherwise someone with a working knowledge of language(s) could look up thr foreign HSBC or similar sites.
  6. Might or not might be something...Lloyds normally do an account review about every 12 months or so, just to see if they can better any deals. Fiance had one about 4 months ago which cut his mortgage rate but they have just rung to arrange another one and the account is running smoothly. Has anyone else been offered this earlier than the normal 12 months? We have not sent a letter yet but am wondering if Natwest are checking bank references after applying for an account there and Lloyds have a feeling something may be in the offing. After all if they are getting hit with a lot of litigati
  7. Metro also distributes Nottm Derby and Manchester, so will be seen by quite a few people!!! I think they quote something like a 3 million distribution, although this might have increased since I left advertising 8 months ago. The more the better!!
  8. I will. I have applied for a new account for fiance before I start ball rolling, just waiting on that. Haven't started mine yet cos battling to get money out of tax credit office (GGRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!) that they admit they owe but won't pay so that is taking a lot of time.
  9. Hmm will ponder on that one the. May do as I suggested above and if I get a straight no, offer a 20% with the condition that if they refuse and it goes to court will claim 100% plus interest. Might make an interesting test case to see if they will settle out of court as LLoyds seem to push it all the way from what I've read here
  10. That's fair enough, but they ARE allowed to charge for what it ACTUALLY costs them, am I correct? I seem to remember reading another thread somewhere with claimed figures of £1800 and actual figure of £1560 being awarded (might be out on the figures and can't find the thread now). My point is if that I give a little now, ie 20% (probably a high estimate but I'm just trying to muse at present) they would maybe accept this and pay 80% rather than take it to court where I would get some deducted anyway for their ACTUAL cost. Or is that just me being too logical?
  11. Just noticed something else, fiance had gone £40 over his limit on his credit card (lloyds) but they put it thro (charge pending no doubt), and they are s'posed to wait 7 days before taking it out of his current account to cover. They did it same day, pushing over the OD limit on current account too....another charge! They really know how to milk it!!!!
  12. Sorry, wasn't sure where else to post, the knowledge here seemed relevant. Where should I post?
  13. I have this morning received a letter from Levi Black and Associates in Leeds regarding a £150.60 alleged debt to Powergen which I know nothing about. I received a letter from a company called LCS at the end of February (same address, ref no etc) about this and saying that they had been trying to liase with me over this and were taking me to court. I had no previos correspondance and wrote back stating this and asking them to furnish me with further details. I have since found out that they have twice called my old workplace leaving urgent messages with just a name and number, I
  14. Just a thought, but another avenue to explore could be http://www.freecycle.org where you can join the group nearest to you and post a WANTED message for any books you are after. It is free and I use the site to give and receive. The sites have many students and you may be able to get up to date books on here. It's worth a go, surely?
  15. I was discussing this with my fiance last night and we both agreed it would be great publicity. Will they be able to simply take the cash from the tills up to the value of the judgement?
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