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  1. Looks like yr finally getting some advice at last on a neglected thread. Unfortunately I can only offer moral support - (all my actions are settled & never even went to court - 2 more to go for friends) Have been checking yr thread tho - wating for good news.. fight 'em like Tevez - - Good Luck ! C
  2. thanx for the address...Good luck LD (& ta Barty you helped me from the beginning) Back to you C
  3. If they refunded your account in one action how can they charge 2 x £30 ? I imagine their legal justification for these charges is that it a 'cancellation fee' rather than an admin cost. Will call them tomorrow for my new refund & ask exactly what the fee is for.. C
  4. This sounds interesting.. I am looking (only) at the £30 fee. Thing is.. gotta do it again as I have to change my next flight & because it's a cheap one my only option is to cancel. So another £23.90 refund coming up & another £30 'fee' for them.. thanx for all your posts C
  5. Hi Robert - Well they paid back the £23.90 - think I'll send a letter to the OFT bout the £30 'fee'. ta C
  6. 40 days up. thinking about sending in LBA for non-compliance even though she doesn't know her account no....
  7. I missed my flight to Switzerland and BA canceled the return part of my journey which was really nice. I asked for the £53.90 tax back for the unused return flights & they offered me £23.90. i.e. the £53.90 minus a £30 fee. I think that the £ 30 fee is excessive whatever they call it (cancelation fee/ admin fee etc) this seems like a penalty fee & doesn't reflect true costs Basically I want that £ 30 back because I'm not very happy with them - especially as they would have profited from reselling my return journey. Any ideas ? C
  8. **bump** (sorry can't help on this one) - anyone out there ?
  9. Donation made. Baby came first- money second. They really dragged their heels at the end but last Wednesday I walked out of the bank with £1,008 in cash (and bought presents for the family). thanx all - it's been a great pleasure again! All the best C
  10. Don't think the link I pasted worked - you cld do a search on it.. - C
  11. Have you checked this ? More than 6 years. Good Luck - Best C
  12. Hi Burnt, I have just reclaimed from Co-op business but claimed within the 6 years. (Settled after Preliminary approach letter) On my thread C.L. v Co-operative (business)there's s'one called groovycaz who is doing Co-operative business going back around 10 years ago. Would be worth following but he/she needs to start a new thread to get attention/support from site-helpers mods etc. There aren't so many of us around on co-op business but your approach will be just the same as many cases on this site... Good luck & welcome. C
  13. Hi, I'm not having a joke with you but there is an element of irony if the only acknowledgment of a donation is thru the banks..
  14. Going back after reviewing posts- i only claimed back 6 yrs - beyond 6yrs was only about another £40 or so- so I kept it simple. However they VOLUNTEERED the fact that they wouldn't go back further than 6 yrs, don't know why, but that's why I mentioned it. (They got their sums wrong, address incorrect & mis-spelled my name too...)
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