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  1. Thanks for the advice Sidewinder & dx100uk. Just to clarify do you think I should continue to pay Hali or start making payments to Lowell? I'll have a read up on your suggestions of CCA & SAR's as I'm not familiar with them. Thanks again x
  2. Hi, I have an outstanding £6000 debt on a Halifax credit account which I've been paying £5 a month towards consistently for the last 5 years via standing order. Just before Christmas I received a letter from Hali stating that Lowell Financial are now the debt owners and that payments they receive from me for this debt will be forwarded to them (Lowell). I then received an introductory letter from Lowell saying pretty much the same and that they will continue to accept my current payment plan, unless I can afford more. They asked me to contact them via post, email or phone. I didn't
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