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  1. hi, my colleague is apparently a candidate for redundancy however she has a degree in spanish and has studied there at university.
  2. Hi, I am hoping that somebody out there may be able to help me. I have been working for this company for 1.5 years, quite happily and from what I gathered they felt the same (I had a great appraisal several months ago.) During this appraisal I asked to be considered for promotion and my manager and the area manager agreed that they would "see what they could do." However, on monday I was called into the office by the 2 managers and was told that the company was making some changes(The company is basically a store which opens late nights and weekends). I was told that as the company
  3. Thanks Barty, I will send the letter tomorrow Round II now:) I'm going to work out how much they've charged me since I started this claim!!
  4. Hi I thought I'd ring SC&M today and ask where there court bundle is, as neither me or Salford County Court have recieved one from them and the hearing is on 7th MArch 07. The man I spoke to suggested that they were not going to rely on any evidence in Court, only their defence! He then went on to say that they usually settle before (which I already knew) and that he'd check with someone and ring me back. I recieved a phone call 2 hours later from a Mr Thomas who suggested that I look online at my account as Lloyd had just settled! I just checked and its all there and mo
  5. i agree with that StudentInDebt, however they never agreed holiday terms or anything. When I asked for a written contract it was always refused or they were "too busy" to do it. They also kept changing the hours and changed the salary before I left, if I had a written contract they couldnt have done that!
  6. Do you think that there is a chance that the judge will set aside the judgement? I want to defend the whole claim and countersue Thanks
  7. I understand that, but the doctor wouldnt write me a note for court. I think I have to send a cheque off for 50.00 or something
  8. I couldnt honestly tell you when they ran from cos they never said, I assume it ran from January, they did agree to pay sick time though. I have 3 days off and they agreed to pay me as they sent me home
  9. Hi Regarding the holidays, I just assumed I was allowed to carry them ove as I didnt take them, plus they didnt tell me what my entitlement was! Employers should not be allowed to make up the rules as they go along! As for the p60/P45 i shall have to look at home
  10. Hi Thanks for you speedy replies!! I thought I was being paid 23k which is equivelant (i think) to what I was getting paid weekly. Trouble is, these people were friends (sort of), my colleague and I helped open the business (my colleague was another close friend), and when things started going bad for the business, they started increasing our hours and reducing our wages! I should also point out tjat I only worked there for 8 months so probably dont have the same rights as someone who'd have worked there for a full year. I actually left the job as they were making life
  11. Hello I am due in court on Tuesday to set aside a judgement made by my previous employer for being apparently overpaid. I was intitially going to defend the whole claim via a solicitor but when he hiked up his prices by 50.00 an hour I changed my mind (as this wouldve cost more than what the alleged debt was), I panicked as there was only 2 days left to send an Acknowledgemt of Service to MCOL, so I decided to send an Admissions Form in , even though I didnt owe the debt. I have to say though at this time I was unemployed and suffering with depression and very ill. The solici
  12. HI Just an update. I recieved a reply from the Complaints Department, basically telling mt that they were unwilling to accept anything less than 235.00 per month and that there is absolutelt nothing that they can do about it. I have also recieved a demand which threatens me with a liability order. I have told them that if it comes to it then I will defend myself in Court. I have also sent a 6 page letter to my local councillor Nat
  13. That sounds promising for me, my court date is set for the 7th MArch. I sent in my court bundle ages ago and have had nothing back from them yet.
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