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  1. Hi All, I am trying to get a default removed from my credit file which was placed in January 2007. I sent the letter below: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear XX After unexpectedly being refused a mortgage I obtained a copy of my credit file from Experian and was concerned to note that your company (Natwest) has placed a "Default" notice against a Credit Card account in my name. Further to this I have no recollection of ever receiving such a notice, and I therefore require you to sub
  2. Hi there all! I have been searching this forum for a while now and decided to claim back my bank charges now. Lloyds TSB is the bank, and I am sending off the Subject Access Request Form today requesting charges, etc, so I can see how much I am owed. Im guiding you through my claim, and hoping any questions I have will be answered, as I have seen the other users are very very helpful with people. Also I used to bank with Allied Irish Bank, but have closed my account. Can I still claim off them, even though my account is closed and I cannot see any information about that particul
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