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  1. Hi Guys and Gals ..... I'm back What excellent news today .... Stick that in ya pipe n smoke it Banks ... hehe So here i go again ... round two ... gonna claim back the charges i recieved just prior to Christmas last year. May onlt be £165.00 but thats alot of money to me and its MY money NOT THEIRS ! Its good to be back BRING IT ON ..... DONE IT ONCE AND WILL DO IT AGAIN ! XxXxX
  2. Hi Guys 'n' Gals ...... I'm back What wonderful news today ..... wey hey So i am back to claim some more charges that i recieved just after my last claim ended. Thankfully none since December 07 though. Although its only £165 quid, thats alot of money to me and its MY money NOT THERES !!! And so begins another chapter of Talling v Lloyds TSB BRING IT ON !!!!!!! hahahahaha
  3. Good luck...keep us posted ... and any questions SHOUT! xXxXx
  4. Hi Laura I really wish i could help with all your questions, but i am not really in the position to offer advice in regards to this as i have only just recieved form N244 from the court, in which to apply for a wasted costs order. My court have told me that a hearing will be required and as yet i havent really made a decision as to wether to go through with it. I want to out of 'principle', but not sure i can be doing with the added hassle at the moment. Keep an eye on GaryH thread. He has his wasted costs hearing soon and will therefore be able to better advise. XxXxX
  5. Thanks for the quick response Gary X It has really annoyed me that the Court didnt even bother to read my letter fully though. I sent an 8 page document to them and all they read was the first paragraph. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I am actually exempt from fees' so that isnt really a problem, even though i have been told i will now have to reapply for exemption. The main thing that is making me think 'is it worth it' is that it never got as far as me having to put together a Court Bundle etc, only as far as AQ stage, so my costs are only around £100. If the Judge wants a hearing to take place then surely this is more preparation, more stress and time off work to attend. I dont know, not sure what to do now, £100 is £100 i guess. If i do decide to go through with it, can i bank on your support to prepare me for the hearing PLEASE ? xXxXx
  6. Hi GaryH I know you are unable to respond to PM's at the mo ... but could you take a look at my last post in my thread please as need some advice re wasted costs Thanx http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloydstsb-successes/52677-talling-lloyds-tsb.html
  7. Hi Guys n Gals .... help and/or advice required please As you can see form my thread below my claim was settled before hearing and on 21st May 07 I wrote to the court using the original (Gary updated it yesterday) wasted costs letter template. I also included the required documents. I rang the Court today, as i havent heard a thing and was told that may informal application for costs had not been dealt with, as the letter i sent 'apparently' contradicted itself in saying I wish to inform the Court that the claim as detailed above, in which i am the Claimant, has now been settled. The defendant pai the full amount claimed, namely £xxxxx. As such no further actio is necessary in respect of this claim. However, i believe that the Defendant has behaved unreasonably in their approach to defending this claim, not least because i believe the Defendant had no intention of ever defending this claim at a hearing .... etc etc as per the original template letter. My letter and relevant other documents, have therefore been simply filed away after they read the first paragraph and not even got as far as the judge, whilst i have been awaiting a responce (I read on another thread somewhere that this exact same thing has happened before) The lady then went onto tell me that if i did want to make an application for costs she would send be the appropriate form, and to submit the application there would be a fee of £65.00 involved. (GaryH states that the fee is £35.00 ????????) She also said that a hearing would be required, which i was aware would be necessary if the judge decided a formal application was required, although like i said befor, the judge hasnt even seen my request. The main reason i wanted to apply to the courts for wasted costs, was in 'principle of the matter', but is it really worth all the extra stress of more form filling and a hearing all for aprox £100.00. I have asked the lady at the court to send me the form, but not really sure what to do. Advise anyone ???? XxXxX
  8. Good luck ... keep us posted XxXxX
  9. I hope i have been helpful, if so, please click the scales XxXxX
  10. Good to see you back Kev .... Looking forward to seeing whats 'in the air' .... lol XxXxX
  11. Good luck .... keep us posted XxXxX
  12. Dis you not send a schedule of charges with your 'priliminary request' or 'LBA' ??? It sounds like you havent if they are asking for this information. :idea: XxXxX
  13. I know .... thing is it is not a fast process, especially with Lloyds who drag their feet all the time and the sheer volume of claims hitting the county courts at the moment. Good luck ... keep us posted ... any questions just SHOUT ! xXxXx I hope i have been helpful, if so, please click the scales
  14. Personally speaking, I would wait until the court of transfer have made contact. XxXxX
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