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    Brok V Nationwide

    Many thanks for the help. I am a single mum so yes, i think the N1 Form sounds like the best option I will proceed with this and check out the links given, that's great!
  2. brok

    Brok V Nationwide

    Hi again I have sent my Letter Before Action, a.k.a LBA, as mentioned in my post above. This was sent 23/04/07. The letter i recieved from Nationwide on 4/05/07 is a reply to my Letter Before Action. Due to feeling so 'foggy' and exhausted with the pregnancy right now any guidance as to what to do next (in idiot proof steps haha) would be very much appreciated, as i'm also trying to keep stress to a mininimum...i'm assuming i need to apply to court next...?....am i right?? :o Many thanks!
  3. brok

    Brok V Nationwide

    Hi All, Updating the situation with Nationwide. Having sent my LBA I recieved a letter from Nationwide on 4/05/07, which may be the standard 'bog off' letter but it went along the lines of - Thankyou for your letter...then explaining why charges are appilied...suggesting an overdraught....and then finally this paragragh .... " After careful consideration of your request, we're sorry that we can't agree to your charges being refunded. Only in exceptional circumstances do we refund charges and on this occasion we feel it would be unfair to other members who find themselves in a similar situation and whose charges still remain. We realise that our answer will disappoint you however we trust that we have clarified the Society's position..." etc. What is my best course of action now? Do i file a claim at court next? That would seem to be the next step. As i have mentioned in an earlier thread about Halifax claim, i am pregnant (now 12 weeks) and have been suffering with sickness, exhaustion etc! This is making the whole process more difficult. Any help very much appreciated. Many thanks.
  4. awwww, thanks so much for the GREAT advice and encouragement ladies, very very valuable to me at this time * hugs* :)
  5. Hi, Thankyou so much for all support, advice and encouragement. Briefly thought i'd update and ask advice on something.... In a nutshell, i'm in the early stages of a much wanted PREGANCY (!!) , and due to complications with the pregnancy i am approx 5 days late in sending the next stage letter to Halifax....Please can anyone tell me, will this be a problem??? I received the standard "complaint" letter from Halifax in reply to my Preliminary Letter, which was as follows: Thank you for your recent complaint. We are sorry to learn that you are unhappy with the charges debited to your bank account. Please note the complaint handling rules set by our regulator, the Financial Services Authority, gives us 8 weeks to investigate and respond to complaints. Our commitment to you is that we will respond to your concerns at the earliest possible opportunity . However, we want to ensure the issues you raised are thouroughly investigated. If, for any reason, we are unable to respond fully to your concerns within the next 4 weeks we will write to update you of our progress. You will find enclosed a copy of our leaflet, which tells you how we will handle your complaint. Yours sincerely Nicola Cullen Please can i just add, i am feeling distinctly 'fragile' and suffering quite badly with sickness due to the pregnancy :o , so my energy is somewhat limited....because of this i'm not able to get on here and write as much as i'd like, so i may have to keep things fairly brief! Many thanks for any help given, take care.
  6. Many thanks for all your help - had already seen the faq and the contact links, was just wondering which of the addresses was most commonly used. Thanks again for all help.
  7. Hi Seeing as there are a few addresses in the links for Nationwide - please could someone give me the address most commonly used when sending a claim to Nationwide? Many thanks.
  8. Between approx 1998 - 2001, at least £1000 - £2000, possibly more. Woolwich.
  9. First of all i wanted to say WHAT A WONDERFUL SITE. I am just about to send off my Schedule of Charges with the Preliminary Letter. It made me feel sick when i finally worked out the total the Halifax have taken from me in charges over the past 4 and a half years - £2700 I am a single mum with health problems - and i have been really struggling...now i know why... However, it has really fired me up to tackle the other companies who have taken the little money i recieve, there are quite a few more, and i'm more determined than ever to take them on too now! One of the worst offenders was a bank i was with before Halifax, who charged me relentlessly and mercilessly, but most of my time with them was more than 6 years ago...i am currently reading the seperate thread about claims going back more than 6 years with great interest....(i estimate at least £1000 - £2000 with other bank, maybe more) Anyway i will keep you posted on my progress with Halifax! i'm hopeful, if a little apprehensive!
  10. brok

    Brok V Nationwide

    I'm assuming it doesn't matter which of the addresses for Nationwide I send my Schedule of Charges and Preliminary Letter to? :?
  11. brok

    Brok V Nationwide

    Hi thanks for that That is one of the threads i looked at - but there is also another one, with several different addresses. Do i just use this one then??
  12. Hi All, Have typed and printed my Schedule of Charges. Just about to send with Preliminary approach for repayment letter...but wow.....which contact address should i send it to?? Have looked and there are two different threads for Contact Details to Nationwide, both of which have different addresses..... Which is the definitive address? Or does it not matter? Also should I send it to a few of the addresses? Many thanks for any help given. Cant wait to get started on this and send these off to bank - apprehensive but hopeful!!
  13. oh, thats great, many thanks, will do thanks for all help on this.
  14. deleting the information / examples already filled out in the rows? because when i do that, it seems to get rid of the spreadsheets ability to calculate anything....
  15. Please can anyone help - without meaning to sound completely stupid, i am in the process of filling out the spreadsheet to calculate the schedule of charges, but when i deleted the figures already on there (intended as examples) and put my own figures on there it seems to have deleted the 'formula' for working out the interest?? what should i do? am i doing the spreadsheet wrong? i thought the spreadsheet would automatically work out the interest for me. Many thanks if anyone can help me, sorry if its a stupid question...
  16. Hi, is there anybody who knows anything about this? (see post above) Many thanks.
  17. Many thanks for that, Sea sidelady. I will just write Charges as Notified then, thats great. with regards to the rest of my post, i was referring to another post that i had read, which said that they had recieved statements through the post, and then had requested just a list of charges from the same account - however, they found that the two versions differed, in that the list of charges came to MORE owing from the bank compared to when the person in question added up the charges using the statements alone. They had double checked this and decided (obviously) to go with the total from the banks' list of charges, as it was a higher total! i was just wondering if it would be preferable for me to get the banks list of charges, rather than statements (and certainly quicker ) ???
  18. Can anyone please help? I am about to do the 'schedule of charges' spreadsheet. However, having paid my £10 fee i specifically asked, in my initial letter, for Halifax to send me a list of the CHARGES, and they have instead sent me STATEMENTS.. What should i do, as i understand from some of the other threads that the two versions can differ (one being more than the other in total). Should i ask for a list of charges instead?? i really dont want to have to pay a further £10 for this, having already requested this originally. Also, i was wondering what wording i should put in the first column of the spreadsheet, as the statements do not specify which TYPE of penalty charge it is - just ' Charges as Notified ' followed by the amount.... is the wording 'Penalty Charge' sufficient in the spreadsheet?? sorry for all the questions - very grateful for any help.
  19. Thanks for your help - and will try again.
  20. Here I am, ready to send my SCHEDULE OF CHARGES with my preliminary and LBA letters - and the spreadsheet (in the bank templates library) to calculate these will not open! (something about the path is invalid, etc) - it is the 'Works' version that i'm trying to open / save. Please can anyone help??? And also, do i need to calculate interest on the time since the charges were applied, at this stage??? Many thanks for any help that anyone can please give me.
  21. oh wow, thats great - well thats cleared that up for me!! thanks so much (and what a relief! ) will get back to reading the FAQ's again and start the process..... many thanks again
  22. oh wow, thats great - well thats cleared that up for me!! thanks so much (and what a relief! ) will get back to reading the FAQ's again and start the process..... many thanks again
  23. just wanted to say hello to everyone, and thanks so much for such an amazing site! a few questions, and at the risk of sounding completely clueless... i realise from reading the forum (started yesterday) that the refund of charges applies to banks, but ALSO credit cards, and...dare i say it...store cards too..??? (YAY!) that being the case, i have charges owing me from a fair few people....8) i have read the FAQ's - the schedule of bank charges really daunts me...although i do understand it has to be done...Other people who have done it, is it as daunting as it looks???! (especially with regards to the 'days since the charge' and the adding on of interest calculations) It looks like alot of work! (but i'm willing to do it, just not very good at it!) also, sorry to sound ignorant, but the Data Protection Act, Subject Access request to get the list of charges in absence of full statements - what form is that given to me in by the bank? is that with dates, etc - so that i can do the same calculations as mentioned above, regarding interest, etc? sorry this has become rather long....but many thanks in advance for any help given
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