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  1. Thanks For that. I am wanting the money to use moneyclaim for capital one and barclaycards. I tried to explain that the longer it took the more I would need in order to settle out of court. I just wish there was a way of moving it quicker. The problem is that the bloke is very nice on the phone and as helpful as he can be!!!!
  2. Has anyone got to the stage where they are requesting settlement from Anthony Lombardy? If So, is there anything I can do? My court date is 17/04/07. I have spoken to Mr lombardy and he says that he can not settle on my account until March. Is there anyway to speed this up? I am desperate to post a smiley face to say I have won one of my claims.... Yours Hopefully.......
  3. Could anyone help me. (All I tend to do is beg for help on this site). I have a claim against Barclays for £2335 and they have asked me if I will accept £1000.00 and I have sent the standard letter, but I have since been charged again, if they don't reply by 05/11/06, I am submitting my defence, can anyone advise as to whether I can add to the claim before it goes to court?
  4. Thanks Alexifa, I am now more confident are gonna make these credit card companies pay.
  5. Is it always the way that they credit your account. The problem is my credit limit is only £250.00 and over the six years i think (I am waiting for statements from capital one) the charges will be about £600 - £750. Can anyone offer me any advice as to how I can recoup the full amount?????? Please help!!!!!
  6. I have tried to get my statements from Barclaycard. I sent the letter and they sent back the statements from the last 2 years and explained that they weren't able to send any further statements without a charge of an additional £3.00 per statement. Barclaycard state that they microfiche early statements. Can anyone advise what i can do to get the full quota of charges? Can I estimate? Can I request the initial amount while I wait to sort out getting statements. desperately needing help.
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