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  1. Thats great thanks Number6! Does anyone have any idea about Scottish Courts? In particular which one in Edinburgh to go to? Would it be the Sheriff Court?
  2. Hey, Im at the stage where Lloyds have not responded to my LBA and have now completed my N1 form. What do I do next? I cant find anywhere that says I have to take this into a court or can I post it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  3. I am currently preparing the claim form to send off to Edinburgh Sheriff Court. Do I have to hand this in or can I send it by post? If so do i need a cover letter explaining anything as I cant find this information on any thread??
  4. Well the 14 days are up with no response so im going to start the next stage. Hopefully get this done as soon as possible, but going to read over everything for the next stage over as I've not done so in a while! Will let you know of any response from Lloyds!
  5. Just a little update on my case, got my letter through saying I'm not getting my money and it was their "final response" but I've heard they say that alot. So just sent off the 14 day letter so lets hope it goes well!
  6. I sent the prelim letter to them with schedule of charges. I've only ever had one charge off them so far so heres hoping this ones successful and i dont have to do it again!
  7. Finally got my letter sent off today, now its just a question of waiting!
  8. Great thanks, I'll use the spreadsheet. So where do I send the letter to?
  9. I know the amount I was charged so I dont have to send the data protection act letter. So what should the schedule be like and where should it be sent?
  10. Hey guys, I'm just putting together my initial letter to Lloyds and I was wondering what the schedule of charges should be, does it have to be a separate document or can i just mention the amount at the bottom of the letter? Also, should I just send my letter to my local branch?? Hope someone can help me!
  11. Hi there guys, just about to start having a good read through the site. Got charged £90 from Lloyds for being over my overdraft limit for 3 days when they told me they weren't charging me at all! Going to send my initial letter to them this week and by the sounds of it I'll get told where to go but I'll keep you updated.
  12. Hello! I just thought id do my first post as the site recommends, got a £90 bank charge for going over my overdraft so hopefully can get this back after having a look round this site!
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