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  1. That would be a much quicker and safer option. Is that standard procedure though? Will an email be taken seriously? I know your's was since it was already "lost in the post".
  2. No not the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request), I've already got all my charges. This is the next letter, in which you request all your money back and list all the charges they've unfairly made against you. It's not a big claim, only around £224, but that's alot when you're currently unemployed I can tell you. Edit: Ah ok, the Trinity Road address, of course. Thanks
  3. Hello all. Quick quest, I was just wondering what address I'm to write to in regards to the preliminary approach letter? Thanks in advance
  4. Woh that was quick. Which template do I need to edit and send off? Also I presume I just need to photocopy the pages that contain charges yes?
  5. Well here goes. I sent my SAR letter off 2 weeks ago. Received an acknowledgement letter saying statements were on the way, but however they would not list manual intervention as they were not required to do so. Didn't expect any less. They said I'd get my statements no later than the December 29th. Yesterday I received all my statements and worked out that I've paid £244 in charges over the past 3 years (which is when the account was opened). So what do I do now? I heard there's some nifty spreadsheet I have to use that will calculate that interest I'm owed? After that which letter do I send (presumeably with a printed copy of the spreadsheet?)? Thanks in advance
  6. Cheers lex, I've just done that (to Halifax plc obviously). Will be posting tomorrow, here goes
  7. Hi there. I think I've probably paid around £400 in bank charges over the past 6 years and I've just completed the Subject Access Request letter. However, I'm wondering how I should pay the £10 fee to receive my statements? Do I put a cheque in with the letter? If so who is it made out to exactly? Thanks in advance
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