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  1. Well they have recieved my letter saying that i have statements to prove i have payed, and i've said also in the letter that i will change the payment dates to the 20th, i've changed them at the bank and my bank said they would let them know.So is all that okay or do i need to do anything else? This just seems like a [problem] by logic to get me to pay more.
  2. Sent letter on monday via recorded delivery just waiting for it to get to logic, Then wait for a reply, i have also changed my standing order date to the 20th. Thanks to Lookingforinfo and to Jannercobler for writing me the letters and for all your help. Cheers
  3. Thanks for the help,I will write here once i get a reply from logic.Just wondered when i first got the claim form from the courts it said... Amount claimed £111.02 Court Fee £20.00 Solicitor's costs £50.00 Total Amount £181.02 Then when i recieved the Acceptance Judgement for claimant letter it said, You have made an offer of payment which the claiment has accepted. ( I thought it was the judge who accepted the Offer of payment)? Am i wrong? Then it Said you must pay the claimant £111.02 for the debt and £110.02 for costs, Total £211.02 by installments of £10 per month. Where did the extra £30 they added come from? Was that a fee for paying via installments or something else? Again thanks to everyone who helped on this thread.
  4. Is there any chance someone could write a letter for me as i am not great with letters. Thank you.
  5. Well i got a letter from Logic stating that the Northampton County court had ordered me to pay by the 30th of every month, They rang me and said we'll send a standing order form out, fill in the payment of £10 and the date of the 30th then send it back to us, which i did,July,August and September they took Payments out,then yesterday i get letter saying i had not kept to the Agreement. Thanks for the quick response by the way,its very good of you.
  6. No they did'nt say anything about late payments, the letter says word for word.....We note from our records that we have not recieved payment in accordance with the court order.We now intend applying to the court for one of the following to enforce all of your judgement debt. 1.Attachment of earnings 2.Warrant of earnings 3.Charging order 4.Third party debt standing order Legal costs and interest will be added to the current judgement debt. Should i give them a ring and ask why? the debt owed says £191.02, but i've been paying since july so it should read £181.02,so they are saying they have'nt recieved my payment i'm guessing. so do you think giving them a ring would help or maybe phoning the courts...Sorry but law is'nt my greatest skill. Thanks for helping.
  7. A few months ago Logic Group took me to court over a debt i owed since july i have been making payments to them via standing order...Today i recieved a letter from logic saying they was taking me back to court cause they have not recieved payments in accordance with the court order,I have however made payment every month since the court order started.I have proof via my Bank statements proving that logic have been payed.Also did notice that i have to pay on the 30th of every month,but the standing orders usually come out two days later....What should i do? Any ideas?
  8. Just started with Payplan and they will be starting talks with my creditors at the end of october,they have advised me to send a £1 token payment to everyone,which i have done...Just had a call from 1st credit who say they do not accept the token payment (even though they have cashed it) and that if i do not pay in full in 7 days they will take me to court,just wondered what are the chances of them doing this? I'm guessing they are just trying to get full payment before payplan get involved,am i right? Also i told them i only wanted to be contacted by letter and they said they had the right to phone me since i owe them money,i assume this also is false and was just wondering where i could find the letter i've seen somewhere on this forum stating that i wish no more phone calls from a company. Thanks in advance.
  9. I had dealings with a dodgy baliff just last week...Two burly guys turned up asking for £340 for a debt owed to moorcroft.At the time i wasn't in and my mum(who is disabled and has depression) answered the door,She told them i was'nt in and they proceeded to threaten that they would come back and take anything they wanted and if anyone intervened they would SEE TO THEM,With my mum virtually on the edge of tears i luckly was coming up our street, she called me and shouted these men want a word with you....Suddenly these men decided that they had called at the wrong house and they was extremly sorry for upsetting my mum....By the way they had'nt called at the wrong house. The Reason for the baliffs sudden change of heart was the fact that i'm 6 foot 9 and am very well built, i used to be pro boxer before i got diagnosed with Epilepsy. What it shows is that Baliffs are just Bullies, preying on the weak. My advice don't under any circumstances open the door to them no matter what they say, and don't leave any doors or windows open.
  10. Cheers i'll try payplan. Just wondering i've seen lots of threads saying a judge won't make you pay more than you can afford...Is this true?
  11. Firstly hello to everyone at this forum. Unfortunatly i have quite a few debts most DCA's have usually just asked me to pay a lot more than i can afford,which up until now i have complied with usually through being bullied into it with all the usually threats. i have now worked out all my debts and all income i have coming in and i need to make a statement of affairs but i am unsure how to do this, can anyone help please? Also some companies to which i owe no more than £90 i can only afford to give them £2.50 a month would this be reasonable? Thanks for taking time to read my thread.And thank you to all the people who has made this forum possible for you have given me hope where i thought none was possible.
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