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  1. Can't really say about egg/Dlc, but i had about 16 debts altogether and after about lots of phone calls and them not accepting payments, i decided to write to them with a payment arrangment... I sent them a financial statement,a covering letter and my payment proposal (worked out via the pro rata method). So far 13 of the 16 companys i owe have accepted payment, Only HFC is using stalling tactics. But the payment proposal's worked for me, so i can't see why it won't work for you..... Hope it goes well..oh and remember to send everything recorded delivery.
  2. Going to send it again via recorded delivery. Beneficial Finance phoned yesterday to say that according to them the £56 was for the month of December and that i'd done more than i could and that my next payment would be in january, He also said he could'nt get it through to the woman at HFC head office that i'd payed my december payment. He also checked the records and said that it looked like they had accepted my payment plans for both accounts,basically he said it looks like they just want to get more money out of me. he advised me to keep up the payment arrangments and not to worry. Does this right?
  3. I have two accounts with HFC Bank, one which is a loan which i pay to Beneficial Finance and a Marbles card which i pay directly to HFC Bank. I have started doing pro rata payments to all my creditors,most have accepted thankfully. Unfortunatly HFC Bank still have not accepted they are waiting for my Proof of income which i have sent,but they still have not recieved. In the month of November i payed the pro rata payment of £9.00 to my Marbles Card and i then recieved another phonecall saying i had to pay another £14 to the card, Should i just ignore the request for another £14 and just continue my pro rata payment of £9.00 next month. Also my Beneficial Loan i pay a pro rata payment of £34, i payed £29 at the start of november which Hfc agreed was okay for November then Beneficial Finance phoned up and said £29 was no good and they needed £56 for the month of november, so i payed the £56 and the Beneficial Finance manager said that the next payment would be in January. Today i recieved a call from HFC Bank saying they would need a payment of £34 in the month of December. What should i do?
  4. No i don't think i have any claim to make, they was only late charges on my account through me not paying on time, Amount went from £650 to £715 in late charges. To be honest i just wanna get the payment arrangment in place and get the debt off as fast as possible. Thanks for your fast reply.
  5. I have been sending letters asking creditors to accept pro rata payments and so far most have accepted. Last month is sent a letter asking Legal and Trade to accept a pro rata payment, i never got a reply from them but a few days ago i got a letter from Capital One saying the Following... "Unfortunatly we can't help you and are unable to agree any payment arrangmentat this time,This is because your account has been selected to be transferred to a Dca. The agency will contact you shortly and you may be able to set up apayment plan with them. In the meantime you can still make payments to Capital One to reduce your Debt". So what should i do? I was going to pay my pro rata payments to them and then wait for the Dca to contact me. Any help would be great.
  6. Just to let you know i had a debt with Freemans which got sent to logic/Gold's solicitors and they gave me seven days to pay or they would take me to court. One month later i got court papers from nottingham county court. I have had three accounts passed to Logic and three times they have took me to court within matter of months, Don't want to scare you or anything like that, but a lot of people will say They are bluffing, based on my personal expierance Logic have never bluffed.
  7. I am just in talks with Hfc Bank for two of my accounts, a marbles credit card and a Beneficial Finance loan, I sent them a Financial Statement out with a covering letter, I had no reply and they phoned me asking what i was doing about the account. They said that they needed more evidence and sent me one of their own financial statements to fill in,but the one thing they did stress is that before they could accept any arrangment they needed proof of my income. They also said that accepting arragments would take around 65days. Hope this helps.
  8. Unsure about the name you'd use,but i'm sure someone with more expierance will help you there, but i can help with the address.It's.... Face2Face Contact Warwick House Birmingham Road Stratford-upon-Avon Warwickshire CV37 0BP That's the address i sent my letter for payment arrangment to.
  9. They have said it's a Price increase but no one turned the meter up so we was paying less for the electric than our account was billing us for. Thay also say it has definatly got to be paid by us and they cannot take it off or reduce it. They are also saying they tried to gain entry but we was'nt in (which is true) They never said when or what time they was turning up. They are apparently sending me statements out. just waiting for them, They are also sending someone to redo the electric meter and to take the debt off the electric at a £1.00 aweek. So what should i do next? Last time i tryed phoning i was on the phone for 72 minutes waiting for someone to answer.
  10. No we've always been on pre payment meter with powergen. I could'nt understand either how you can get a debt while being on a pre payment meter. Asked for statements off them which they said they would send.
  11. Last year my mum moved from powergen to scottish power (scottish power conned my mum into thinking they was from powergen and could get her cheaper gas). At that point Powergen sent out a final bill for the electricity of £58.18 and for the gas £43.39.My mum thought you did'nt have to pay the final bills since we was on a pre payment meter,which to be honest i did'nt think you would have to as well. About a week back we had call from Robinson Way asking for these debts in full. I told them i would deal directly with powergen and not with them. I phoned powergen (who we are back with as our suppliers) about the debts which the advisor said "no problem you have credit on your electricity account and on your gas so what we'll do is put the old accounts onto the new ones and you won't have to do anything they will be clear" Today i rang back and they informed me that they had not and could not put old accounts on new ones, they then said you are in debt with your current accounts as well,so we'll put the old accounts with the new accounts and take the debt off at £1.00 aweek of each metre...The debts now owing are £185.00 for electricity and £100.50 for Gas. How can they say there is credit one day and a debt the other on the new accounts, i'm baffled by all this and it his getting my mum down who already has depression. Any advice would be brilliant thanks in advance. If you need anymore information just ask. Thank you.
  12. Cheers for the advice.....Quite out of the blue they phoned me about two hours ago saying that they realised they had not given me enough time so they would make the new payment date 20/11/06, still in shock:) A few months all my creditors would not take any payment plan under £50 a month (which i could not afford), Thanks to this website (Template Letters) and advice, most upto now have accepted my pro rata payments (which i can afford). So to all who read this thread and especially those who have helped and given advice and the person who took the time to write the template letters, i say thank you, you have helped mecome out from the gloom and see the light, again thank you.
  13. I have been setting up a payment plan with all my creditors based on a pro rata system and most of my creditiors have agreed. However i got a strange letter from Littlewoods Personal finance, the confirmed the payment arrangement,but under these conditions.... The first payment is required by the 31st October (i put that i would make a payment no later than the 20th november in my first letter to them) also the letter i recieved from them was dated 30/10/06,it arrived today 03/10/06. Which gives me no chance to pay the arrangement and at the bottom of this letter it says failure to stick with the arrangement will result in your account going to a debt collection agency. Also it says they will review my account on the 27/11/06 and that penalty interest will be added to my account. What course of action should i take,as i can only pay on the 16th as that is when i get payed.... If anyone can write a letter or give me some advice it would be very helpful, in advance many thanks.
  14. Cheers Bookworm I'll use that for 1st credit as well....It's a gods gift this website.
  15. I have a debt with Legal and Trade and i can say they are not easy people to get on with. I have £100.92 spare each month, i sent them a letter with my finacila statement detailing this and asking if i could pay installments,which i worked out on a pro rata basis.They phoned me up saying they could only take £340.00 per month. I asked if they would delete my number off there records and they said " NO you owe us the debt and we''ll turn up at your house if we want to until you pay the debt" Since january they have told me every month that they are preparing documents to take me to court and still have not done so. In my expeirence with Legal and Trade what you've have said is nonsense. Also i had a friend who worked for them and he left due to being told to use dishonest tactics whilst on the phones to people who owe money.
  16. I did'nt ask for a CCA Request from the 1st Credit for the Ace account, i just got a letter saying that a CCA takes 30 days and after Ace send me the documents i was to phone up 1st credit and agree a payment arrangment or pay in full and that it would take 30 days to get me the relevant documents.... Sorry it's been confusing, it's just i'm well confused..I thought usually you have to send £1 and request a CCa, not them just decide to send you one. As for the MBNA i'm sending a letter asking what the accounts are in relation too.It says on letter "in regards to a Loan" I only have two loans both with Beneficial Finance and they are both up to date.
  17. Firstly i'll start with the Mbna account,I've not got any statements from MBNA, To be honest i've never even heard of them.I just got two letters stating that i owed £513.00 and £927.00, Haven't sent a subject access report,Do you think i should since i do not know what this debt is for. The ace gifts and cards account i know i own, but recieved letter saying i had requested a CCA on all Three accounts (Ace and the 2 Mbna ones) I have'nt requested one for the ace account but now they say they cannot accept minimum payments until the account has been proved. So just wanted to know what i should do because i wanted to get a payment arrangement set up as soon as possible.
  18. Cheers for the help, They did'nt even put an e-mail address,just there phone number in big black bold letters. Recieved another letter today saying "Do not keep Ignoring us,It will not work" in big black bold letters... And that's all it said on a A4 sized paper, I thought it was a terrible waste of paper.
  19. I recieved a letter from commercial collection services requesting that i pay them for my debt which is owed to The Bradford Exchange and if i don't pay them by the end of the month they will take me to court. I am in the process of sending out offers to my creditors based on a pro rata system.Unfortunatly i have no address for commercial collection services in fact they is'nt even a payment slip with the letter. All there is on the letter is a phone number to make a payment, No address no payment slip. Does anyone have the address for Commercial collection services? Thanks in advance.
  20. Got a letter from Face2Face contact stating that i owed £29.96 to Britannia i wrote to them asking offering to pay £1.00 per month, i also included a financial statement and worked my payments out via pro rata. Today i received a letter saying that they could not accept the offer as the minimum payment is £4.00. What should i do? Was going to write back asking them to reconsider, is this the best course of action. I would just pay them off but i currently have no money spare to do this.
  21. I also have a debt for £923.00 with Moorcroft for a kays account, I wrote to them and asked if i could pay £9..65 per month which would take me 7 years to pay off, got a letter today saying They accepted the offer and would give me an extra month spare and i could make the 1st payment on the 23/11/06. After hearing bad stuff about them should i still be wary of them even though i have made an agreement with them.
  22. I got a letter from MBNA Europe Ltd saying "Please accept this letter as confirmation that your outstanding balance due under the above account has been sold to 1st credit" Then i got a letter from 1st Credit saying "MbNA Europe Bank Ltd has assigned to 1st credit the full outstanding balance due under the agreement referred above" Also 1st Credit phoned me and i said that i was going to be making a CCA request and they said they would ask MBNA Europe for the documents, i then recieved a letter stating that i had brought up a dispute about the balance on all my two accounts and that they was getting the correct balance. I do not even know what these debts are for. But i recieved a different letter from 1st Credit for my ace cards and gift account stating that i had asked for a CCA, I haven't as i know i owe this debt, What should i do? Thanks in advance for any help.
  23. Thanks for the advice damo1312, Upto now apart from 1st credit every creditor has been fine especially HFC Bank,Sent CCA to 1st credit they sent a letter back saying it takes at least 30 days, I doubt they have any of the contracts since i never signed anything.Cheers for the advice again.
  24. Thanks for the link..Unfortunatly i'm no longer using Payplan since i have found them to be awful to get through to and none of my emails ever seem to get through.... I have £100.92 left per month which i was using to pay payplan, which was okay, But then Payplan told me i had to get rid of my £50 overdraft with my bank, i told them if i was paying them all my surplus money then how could i afford to pay my £50 overdraft. They just said and i quote "well until you do we can't do anything for you,Please send us the £100.92 and when you've cleared your overdraft we'll write to your creditors" They just did'nt seem to listen to anything, so doing all my debts myself,i've worked out all pro rata payments and am sending all offers to creditors at start of next week... Any advice anyone has would be great.
  25. In reply to Zoomans Question. I had a claim form from county court which i filled in asking to pay £10 per month,judge granted this and when they sent me the acceptance letter they was £30 extra added on. Now logic are saying i haven't paid in accordance with the Court order even though all my £10's have been payed since july,the only thing i can think it is,is my payments being late which is a bit unfair since they was the one's who told me what date to put on the form.
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