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  1. I have a debt with Moorcroft for £964.00, i sent a financial statement along with a covering letter (which can be found in the templates) and within a month they accepted my offer of £5.17 per month. Hope this helps.
  2. Yes it definatly has passed, should i send the a letter stating that they have failed to comply and if yes, where can i find the letter... Thanks for the quick advice.
  3. I sent First Credit a CCA request on the 10/10/06, recieved a letter from First Credit dated 27/10/06 saying they would request the information from their client (Aqua).... Unfortunatly i Completly forgot about the debt.so far though i haven't recieved anything from First Credit and they have not been in contact... What should i do now?
  4. My girlfriend was on the dole last year,but got a christmas temp job from 08/11/06 to 02/01/07... Her council tax has just come in and it says she has to pay £122.50 in two installments of £61.25 on the 27th january and 27th febuary. Just wondered if this seems a correct amount, she lives in a flat in Rotherham, it says on the letter the propety is in Band A. Any help would be appreciated, as she as no money at moment due to claiming sick aftera small crash.
  5. Can i actually send a CCa stating "i do not accknowlege this debt" when i have already paid two payments to them surely the payments are accknowleging that i owe the debt?
  6. I had a debt with Capital One which they passed onto Legal and trade, i payed £50 on the account then ran into financial difficulty and could'nt keep up payments,after a few months of threatenthey gave up and i recieved a letter stating they had sent the debt back to Capital One and that the balance was £715.02. i sent a financial statement to Capital one and they said they could'nt help with a payment arrangment as they was sending it to a DCA. Three days later i recieved a letter from Capquest stating they had bought the debt from Capital One and that the balance was £764.02 (Recieved a letter from Capital one also stating this). Sent Capquest a finacial statement along with an offer to pay £7.50 monthly.recieved a letter stating that the offer had been accepted and that my first payment should be made by 23/12/06...Payed the ammount then recieved a letter saying they had not recieved November's payment. spoke to someone on phone(who was actually quite nice and helpful) he said he would set the payment arrangment up again and would send a standing order from out. Recieved Standing order form today and it said please send your january payment and this order back to us, the standing order was set up for the 31/01/07 (meaning i would be paying twice in january)...I sent off the standing order along with a cheque,but changed the standing order details to the 16/02/07.Was i right to do this? Surely if i'm paying every month Capquest or a judge cannot say anything? is there anything else i should be doing?
  7. Capquest and mercers i believe are showing as dormant. When i get some spare time i'll run through a few and have a look who is dormant.
  8. HFC are terrible for phoning, I have a debt with Beneficial Finance, was paying £136.18 to them,but now i can only pay £34.00 per month. HFC started phoning this month because i haven't paid december's payment, i actually payed this in november with my november payment. HFC first rang me, and demanded payment, when i calmly told them that i had payed december's they said no you haven't, so i told them to ring the manager of beneficial finance and speak to him. Twenty minuted later i recieved a call from the manager at beneficial finance saying he had tried to explain but she just would'nt listen and even said she would have his job. So HFC even manage to terroize they own companys lol A bunch of muppets all of them.
  9. I read in another thread that Capquest are dormant, I don't understand what it means though, Like albbyswife said does it mean they can't or should'nt chase you for the debt. I think they may be a lot of people maybe being a bit confused to what this actually means, if anyone could take time to help it would be much appreciated.
  10. I sent a letter to HFC Bank via recorderd delivery about a month back asking for a payment arrangment to be accepted, i recieved a phone call saying they could accept and was i setting up one for my beneficial account... The thing is that the letter never showed on the royal mail service has been signed for, it just kept saying it had not been signed and not delivered yet, although HFC said they had recieved and signed for it... so i think the mistake sometimes lies with the Postal service website and not the DCA,well did in my case.
  11. Well all i sent was a financial statement and a offer of repayment,Did'nt send a cca or anything else since i did'nt thnk i could because i have already accknowledged the debt because i was paying this debt to legal and trade when they had it.
  12. I had a debt with capital one which has got passed onto Capquest, i sent them a financial statement along with an offer of payment. (Debt is for £762.00 i'm offered £7.48 per month.) Recieved a reply saying they had accepted. After reading about them, i'm getting a little bit worried because it all seems a bit too good to be true, them accepting payment for such a small amount, Out of Curiousity what am i to expect from Capquest regarding my account?
  13. All i could find out about this number is that it's a landline in the leeds area, sorry i could'nt be more help.
  14. Cheers for the info.... Guess it's someone trying to sell me a mobile as per usual. Thought it may be a debt company that's why i put in here. Sorry bout that.
  15. This number keeps calling me everyday, they leave no message obviously in the vain hope i phone back. Does anyone know who this number belongs to.....it's 0141 270 7050. Cheers for any help.
  16. I recieved a letter saying that Capquest had bought the debt from Capital One, so i guess i'm okay to continue paying my payment arrangment with them?
  17. Logic plc took me to court for non payment of a freemans account, and that was after they knew i was not working and after i sent a financial statement with a payment arrangment. So some dca's do take you to court even after you've sent a statement in.
  18. Don't mean to sound stupid, but what does it mean if a DCA is Dormant, i'm paying capquest back for a capital one debt at moment and they are dormant, so what does it all mean?
  19. Logic Group (Now EOS Solutions) are pretty quick to take you to court, they took me to court within months for two freemans accounts. Out of all my debtors only Logic have took me to court. (wish i'd known about this website back then). Out of my own expeirance, Quickest to act is Logic, Most aggressive is either HFC or First Credit. Luckily i haven't met any of the really bad ones yet.
  20. Thanks for all the advice,i'll send the S.a.r letter after xmas, I doubt it's identity theft because it's only my name and address on the report and i've been living at this address for the past 21 years. It maybe just a debt i have forgot about. I did take a royal bank of scotland loan out about 4 years back, it may be that, but i don't want to start paying the DCA thinking it's for Royal Bank of Scotlandthen suddenly Royal bank ofscotland turn up asking for the debt, I just want to make sure i know what i'm paying back,the correct balance then start offering a payment arrangment. Again thanks for all the advice.
  21. What should i write in the letter i've never seen a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) letter before,so i'm really unsure how you go about this, andwhen should i send it because i don't have much money to pay the fee until after Christmas. Thanks for your quick response. As for not knowledge of the debt, First Credit did send a letter saying i spoke to them on the phone to ask how dispute the balance,thus i accknowleged the debt....( i have never actually spoke to them on this subject so i have no idea where this came from).
  22. Well i got a letter from MBNA Europe which said... "Please accept this letter as confirmation that your outstanding balance due under the above account has been sold to First Credit. All enquires regarding this account, including accurate balance information,should be made directly to First Credit" Then i got a letter from First Credit saying.... " MBNA Europe Ltd has assigned to First credit the full outstanding balance under the above account" Then i got a second letter from First Credit saying "I refer to your recent communication advising 1st Credit that you have a dispute/Query in relation of this debt. We will shortly be contacting our client to advise them of your comments.This process will take at least one month" That letter was sent 17/10/06. So i'm unsure who owns this debt,so should i continue with the cca request and to who should i send it.
  23. My credit report shows the following.... MBNA Europe Bank Ltd LOAN Started 10/04/03 Default £949 Defaulted 30/06/06 Current Balance £921 Status History 8 MBNA Europe Bank Ltd LOAN Started 08/01/03 Default £555 Defaulted 30/06/06 Current Balance £527 Status History 8 So should i send the CCA request or something else. Thanks for helping.
  24. I have two debts with First Credit both are for a loan from MBNA, to the best of my knowledge i no nothing of this loan, Should i send a CCA request to First Credit? or is they anything else i shouls do? Thanks for any help given....Cheers. Oh strange thing is i recieved a letter saying i had put a dispute on these accounts about the balance owed, which i have never done.
  25. Sorry i meant i sent my financial statement, Covering letter and my first payment. It's best to send a first payment with your letter and financial statement because it shows your willing to make the payment. I used the accepting payment letter in the templates section of this forum and it worked a treat. I was feeling well down about my debts and could'nt see a way out of it,until i found this forum after people's advice i feel much better,so don't feel down and everything will get better. Most of the company's who threaten you with court hardly ever take you there,so i would'nt worry. Hope it go's well for you.
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