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  1. Im sure someone will come along who knows more than me on this subject......but firstly don't worry...even if you went to court the judge would only make you pay what you can afford. Hope this eases your mind a little.
  2. Maybe the guy works for a debt managment company,that would explain the sarcasm and remarks.
  3. Well they said they could'nt stop the charge as it automatically goes on,but they will add a credit of £25 so it will be like i haven't been charged......Thanks for all the help and advice.
  4. Well the £25 charge is going to be added on the 18/04/07, so it has'nt been added yet.I tried phoning them up but they said i would have to go into my bank to sort it out as they do not deal with charges on the phone. So is there anything i could say what would make them not apply the charge?
  5. Due to many debts i have a terrible credit report, i want to change my bank and start an account with a different bank, itried royal bank of scotland,but they refused... Does anyone know of any bank which would let me set up an account wit me having a poor credit rating?
  6. On the 20th of last month two standing orders came out of my account which made me go overdrawn, i restored the balance the very next day on the 21st, meaning i was only 1 day overdrawn.....Yet they have added the £25 overdrawn charge... Is there anyway i could get to not pay the charge as if it goes out it will come out of my benefits. Thanks already for any help.
  7. So basically because my friend only has a dvd and his games console attached to his tv, he does'nt have to pay....Cheers for that.
  8. As most people i pay the Tv License every year....now i've heard of people not having an aerial therefore they do not have to pay... But what if you have no aerial...but just ahve a dvd connected up to it and a games console....would you have to pay then?
  9. I cca'd First credit back in october and i have'nt anything since, they have gone all quiet....Anyone else had this?
  10. I had a debt with Intrum Justita for £1.700, i sent them a financial statement and offer of payment....My offer of payment was £18.66 per month, in accordance with my other debts.... They sent a letter saying the least they could accept was £121...I resent a letter saying that they should reconsider cause if it went to court a judge would only make me pay what i could afford anyway.....a week later they accepted the offer that lasted 3 months and then i recieved a letter saying they did'nt want anything to do with the account anymore and they passed it back to the original owners..... I would CCa them.....i really doubt that they will have the correct documents...they are a bunch of muppets.
  11. Yes it was Robinson Way...Apparently doing a review over my account. Cheers for all the help.
  12. Can anyone help me finding out who this phone number belongs to... 0161 935 2121. was thinking it was a debt collection, dn't know why they would want to speak to me since all companys have accepted my payment plans.....
  13. Oh right, well in that case i'll not phone them and get paying the bill, lol. Thanks for your help. Should be all plain sailing from now on, i think it just had a few hiccups whilst changing metres.
  14. They have refunded £1.66 to the account.....Total Standing order charges was 111 days at 18.05p from 8th november 06 to 24 february 07, yet the standing charges should only be from 8th november 06 to 7th december 07 a total of 30 days.... Am i wrong to think i should get credited with alittle more than £1.66, rang them back up and now they say i have to ring up pre payment department.... Any help on how to get this problem fixed would be very grateful as powergen seem to keep messing up.
  15. Thanks for the advice, just phoned them, spoke to a really nice guy who explained it all to me, and now he's reworking the bill. Thanks for your help.
  16. I'm with Powergen and we was on pre payment meters until 07/12/06... then we changed to normal meters..... On our latest bills it said 111 days standing charge from 07/11/06 to 24/02/07.... I thought you only got charged standing charges when you had a pre payment metre, so should'nt the standing charge be for the peirod of 07/11/06 to 07/12/06 and not for the period that we have a normal meter in? Are am i wrong?
  17. Exactly what i thought, i did'nt think another default would make a difference, i have made all my payments pro rata and nearly everyone has been okay with it only HFC or being funny. Thanks for all Advice.
  18. Tried Speaking to them they basically just say only way to afford the default is to pay £68 per month and not £34. Unfortunatly i cannot pay £68, so basically they don't want to know.. to be honest my Credit report already has two CCJ's on it and about 12 defaults.
  19. It says on letter they sent, that at moment if i'm paying reduced payments, but i actually sent a financial statement and said that £34 is all i can afford to pay and they accepted it, well as far as i know it was accepted.
  20. I have a Loan with Beneficial Finance which after a while i could'nt pay the minimum amount of £136.00, made a new payment plan with them to pay £34.00 per month which i have been doing for the last two months... Now they sent me a letter stating in a month's time i would recieve a default on the account, i know that they are quite a few £15 late payment fee charges on the account... Is there anything i can do to stop the default (they say the only way the default can be stopped is by paying half of the £136.00 per month) if it does default...what happens?
  21. i had a two debts with freemans,which was sent to Logic Group plc to be collected they in april and june of last year took me to court to get a CCJ, the court said that i had to pay £10 on each account monthly,which i have been doing evry month. Today i recieved a letter from Freemans saying they had sold the account to a company called Albis and that Albis is now responsible for collection of the debt, but have decided to leave the account under control of EOS Solutions (which is Logic). It also says i should contact EOS Solution immediately to reconfirm my payment plan and payment date. Default may result in Legal action being taken. Anyone know what it all means because i'm a bit confused, i thought once i started paying my CCj's the DCA can't do anything. What should i do?
  22. My girlfriend had an accident on a bus and is now suffering from whiplash, her parents have told her to claim on a no win no fee claim with bartlett and sons solicitors. I am always wary of these situations and wondered if anyone has any advice, should she go for the claim or not... Maybe it's being paranoid about no win no fees, i always believe that someone has to pay... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  23. 1st credit, failing to answer a CCA request and every other request i've ever made to them also refusing payment arrangment, demanding full amount due even though i have sent them a financial statement, phoning and suggesting i should get a loan. Capquest, saying payments have been late or not arrived ,even though i have proof that capquest have cashed the cheques. Callserve Limited: Refusing to accknowlege that i want to set up a payment arrangment, sending letter stating that they have given me every opportunity to come to an arrangment but now they will take me to court,i've been having these letters since june of last year.Stating they have sent someone round and i refused to talk to them (this is untrue no one has been to my house). Commercial Collection Services: Refusing to acckowlege that i have been trying to set up apayment arrangment. Logic Group plc: Failure to supply CCA,refusing to accept any payments except the full balance, refusing full balance saying they had just put it through to the court.....Getting a CCj without having the correct papers (although i guess that probably is the fault of the judge). Face 2 Face Contact: Saying payment arrangment is unacceptable and wanting full amount due otherwise they will take me to court.
  24. Thanks for the reply. It seems because she is about to put in a council tax and housing benefit claim they are wanting her to pay the months she is going to claim for. Did'nt realise how expensive council tax is. Once you take £61 then rent at £24, out of £120, she only has £40 for bills and food. Anyway thanks for the advice.
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