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  1. I had Scotcall say they was going to send someone out to collect the debt..that was in 2004...i'm still amazed they even bother sending letters to me still. you'd think they would pass the debt on by now.
  2. Well i got a reply...basically saying that they could not see a valid reason for the dispute and that if i did have a dispute could i please write to them and let them know about this. Phone calls from them have stopped though.
  3. Tried Ringing them back..but the call gets through...then it says response handling has phoned you today...we'll try again later...they just phoned again this time i picked up but no one was on other end then it went dead.... mcfadwmc it makes sense what you said as i do have sky...although i can't guess what they'd want me for as we have almost everything i can think off form sky...well bar sky+ Thanks for all helpful advice.
  4. Does anyone know this phone number...0800183014.They have phoned me 16 times in the past 3 days, all they do is ring then hang up. I've tried looking it up but so far have had no luck.
  5. Thanks for the advice...it'll save buying stamps:) Right i'll leave them to their own devices.
  6. Do you think i should send a CCA to Lowells....as if they failed to respond it would put the account into further dispute.
  7. Update: I recieved a letter today from Lowells it says... We are unable to to carry out any form of investigation as we are unaware of the nature of your concerns. If it is the case that you feel you have a VALID dispute in respect of this account we would advise you to make us aware of this. So any ideas what to do....as i thought it was pretty clear in the letter B3rty gave me to send what my dispute was.
  8. Thanks for the help. We was working it out upto the next time she signs on....that's where we was going wrong.
  9. My girlfriend finished work on 29th december...she then signed on the jobcentre on the 9th of january...they backdated her to the 31st....her next sign on date is January 23rd...she has just got a payment for £66.93 surely this wrong...we can't work it out and the jobcentre has beenless than helpful.
  10. Tuesday which was her signing on day, she was to start work the following week. she went in tuesday signed off (that's when they told her she had to go to a job club) that one has me baffled, then she started work the following monday.
  11. Well she doesn't have proof thats he went to thejobclub has she did'nt go due to her getting a job....they said she should miss the first day of work to go to the jobclub...sheer madness his what her dad called it. She's filed a complaint against the woman who spoke to her at the jobcentre.
  12. Firstly thanks for all the advice....Update: Her parents have basically paid dwp the amount. The overpayment was basically the job centre's fault..(well that's what her parents reckon) Basically she started a job on the 2nd week of november, she went in the week before to tell them she'd found a job, they told her she had to go in a jobclub, she asked why as she had found a job, they said we'll stop your payment if you don't....the payment still went in her account,, then 5 week later she recieved a letter stating her job seekers had been stopped from that day due to not attending a job club.
  13. Sorry been away a few days, Basically i got it a little wrong, turns out it was for an overpayment of jobseekers allowance....basically it's the jobcentre sending the letters from their debt managment section...hopethis helps..very sorry for the false information....but that's what i got told at first..only found out when i read letter today.
  14. My Girlfriend has a debt with her rent, due to them overpaying her when she started a job, curently they are asking for £9 per week,which although not a lot is alot more than she can afford once you take out bills...oh and the fact that she's now back on jobseekers and they have yet to pay her anything...apparently they are paying her next week. She asked them if she could pay less and they said no it's £9 per week and that's that....i said send them a financial statement....so she told them she'd be sending one and they said it's no good we don't take financial statements into account it's £9 or Court baillifs. What is right?
  15. That's the letter i sent off today, so i guess now i just wait for a reply? What is it with lowell, the amount of threads to lowell in the last week...makes me think they got their christmas money and spent it on buying debts in the january sales.
  16. In 2006 i had a debt for an aqua card after a few payments (basically being bullied by Firstcredit for higher payments) i found this forum and sent them a CCA...First credit sent me aletter saying they would find the cca and post itme....Well 2007 came and went and finally four days ago i recieved a letter from lowells stating they had bought the debt and wanted payment. I told them the debt was in dispute and they basically said tough we're still collecting....i sent Lowells a letter saying it was in dipute which they will recieve soon...meanwhile they keep ringing me and saying it's not in dispute as we have bought the debt and you have made a payment in november (untrue) which makes it enforceable.... so is there anything i should do or should i just wait till i hear a reply from them.
  17. Amazing letter. will get it wrote up and sent off to lowells...(my printer has just broke on me).. Thanks for the quick response and thanks for the letter B3rty.
  18. I had a debt with First credit, after advice on here i sent a cca request to them.anyway a year or so when past and i never heard anything from them...then out of the blue Lowell sends me a letter for the same debt... What should i do, CCa Lowell....it says on the letter that they are working on behalf of SAV Credit...so somewhere after i had disputed the debt with First Credit, the debt must have been sold to them. So what should i do?
  19. Cheers for all information...i don't know how they have got my mum's number as it is pretty new and she never gives it out only to close friends. Thanks for all help.
  20. Some one keeps ringing my mums mobile, i thought it may be a debt company even though my mum has never been i debt...butof late we keep getiing phone calls from someone asking about someone else...Does anybody know this number.....0161 2738177. many thanks for any help.
  21. I stopped and cancelled my Broadband on 25th june with BT...my new bill has arrived at it still has broadband on with charges from 30th june to 3rd september. also there is a £99 call out charge applied....What should i do, i was going to phone them up, surely i will not have to pay these charges?
  22. Unfortunatly i did not defend the debt, because i did'nt know of this forum till a few months after....I just wanted to know due to another case that may be coming up with Cabot...but quite frankly i doubt they have a leg to stand on since they have... 1.Defaulted on the CCA 2.Not actually been assigned the debt (It's now owned by NCO whom i pay Monthly). 3.Even Littlewoods (it was a credit card) do'nt know why Cabot are chasing as they say it's firmly with NCO 4. And finally NCO have sent all the correct documents in relation to the CCA. so as i say i doubt they have a leg to stand on.
  23. I just read somewhere that a DCA can only take you to court if they own the debt..... I had a debt with Freemans who assigned EOS Solutions to get the debt....EOS Solutions then passed it to their in house solicitors who then took me to court gaining a CCJ against me..... So surely the information is wrong and a DCA can take you to court...EOS Solutions did it to me. So what's correct?
  24. Thanks for advice...I'll just keep paying Cabot and ignore NCo. Again thanks for advice.
  25. I had a littlewood's credit card debt which was being collected for by RMA debt collection agency....In march i received letters from barclay's saying they had sold debt to Cabot.... Cabot got in contact with me and accepted my payment proposal of £9.84 per month and i set it up by standing order to pay each month..Fine i thought... Two days ago i received a card from NCo saying to ring them...then out of the blue they rang me telling me they was assigned to get the littlewoods credit card debt...i said that has been bought by Cabot and i'm dealing with them for this debt..... They said no Cabot has not bought the debt and they are assigned to get the debt.....Cabot say they own the debt, Barclays say Cabot own the debt..... What should i do? I don't want to rock the boat so to speak as i'm very happy with Cabot accepting my payments....so don't want to stop payments or anything like that i just want to get NCO of my back.... Also RMA when it was assigned to them, the balance was £873.00 when Cabot took it over it was £897.00. Cabot say that's what balance they got told it was when they took it over from RMA.
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