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  1. Thanks for all the advice...will just ignore them... Quick question...Are they actually allowed to call themselves an investigation beurea when they are clearly not?
  2. Today my girlfriend recieved a letter from a group called Parkgate Investigation Bureau...the letter said... "We are an Investigation Bureau attempting to pass on very important paperwork to (Name of person) previously of the above address. If you have a forwarding address or any information whereby we can contact them please call us on 0870 050 1045. Supplying this information will be advantageous to you and the person concerned." She is not the person named in the letter and the letter it's self was just adressed to the occupier. I thought it sounded a bit weird so checked the phone number out, and it turned out to be a company called Debt managers ltd... My girlfriend is scared by all this as she doesn't want debt collecters turning up...is there any way we could stop them and any ideas what else to expect.
  3. It's for a catalogue...Gratten to be precise...does that still mean i can send a CCA letter or not?
  4. thanks for all the advice.. They phoned again i refused to answer any of their secruity questions...and they said they couldn't continue with the call....easy as that lol... Again thanks for the advice.
  5. Hello... I have a slight problem with EOS... I have been paying a debt off for a couple of years now at the rate of £20.00...i worked all my debts out on pro rata and this is all i can pay eos every other debt company has accepted their payments and hardly ever ring... But Eos over the last few months have started ringing more and more...always asking for an increase in payments... Is there anything i can say to stop them asking for payments... I think i am right in saying i don't have to increase my payments and should only pay what i can...i'm sure i read somewjhere that it is against oft guidelines to ask for more money than the person can afford, is that right?
  6. My girlfriend has had roughly the same problem and now despite it being their fault they won't backdate her..... Something has to be done about them...
  7. Justa quick update...she got a letter today saying she will not be backdated from the 2tth june....she'll only get payed from the 11th july ...what should we do as this was not her fault in the first place?
  8. Just wondered....just found out that she had a job review interview in April...should she be getting one so quick as i thought they should be every 6 months?
  9. She has applied for jobseekers again on the rapid reclaim...she has an interview tomorrow... Does anyone know how long it will take for them to pay her, as she is now low on money.... another small question....was the jobseeker advisor correct when she said we only have to send you a letter about a job review interview...we don't have to tell you anymore. is this correct? is they anything my girlfriend should say or do tomorrow at the interview...to speed things up or help her. Just found out that she had a job review interview in April...should she be getting one so quick as i thought they should be every 6 months?
  10. Thanks for the advice...What if they say they is no such thing as fast track or rapid processing... She did speak to her advisor who basically said it wasn't their fault..if my girllfriend should complain or blame anyone she should try the postal service.
  11. My girlfriend today had her benefits (jobseekers) stopped, she asked why and found out..itwas because she had not attended a Job review interview... She had never recieved a letter about this...but they said they had sent one..and that she must have recieved it...they said there is nothing she can do apart from reclaim... Surely she shouldn't have to pay for their mistake... Any help would be great. Thanks
  12. Right will do, cheers for that. Since then i spoke to a guy and he said he was happy to take £10 payments because at least i'm making a payment.
  13. Hello everyone...For the past year i have been paying NCO for a debt i owe, The other day i recieved a phonecall from them saying i had to raise my payment..i said i couldnot and they replied that they would have to stop the payment arrangment and take me to court for the debt.... I've been payingthem £10..they said the lowest they could take would be £100... Iwas thinking what ishould do now...just continue to pay them the £10 or send them a CCA.....so could i send them a CCA even though i'vebeen paying them for the past year and a half ?
  14. Okay thanks for advice will start sending CCA's out at start of next week. Do i send them recorded or special delivery?
  15. I have been paying various dca's for various debts for about a year, all have been okay with my payment proposals....of late some have been asking for higher payments which i have told them i cannot and they accept it which is good. Buti was wondering should i send CCA's to make sure they can collect the debts ....i also know that quite a few of these debts do have charges like £25 for a reminder letter and stuff like that put onto them. So what should i do continue paying the small payments or send them CCa's?
  16. I had this exact same thing with First Credit on three accounts with them...i also later found out that asking you to take out or borrow more money is against OFT Guidelines...so a quick letter to trading standards wouldn't go amiss.... If it goes like mine did they will keep harrassing you until you send the CCA then you will get a letter saying they'll look into it....then you'll not hear anything off them for a full year where they'll sell it onto another DCA..once that happens they is dispute letter you can send off. Hope this helps.
  17. Got a phone call from a number i do not recognize it's 07852562455..does anyone know who this is or not.
  18. Just printed the CCA letter...going to post it tommorrow.
  19. Just had a phone call from NCO who after several months of me paying them £9.64 every month, have decided they cannot accept those payments any more, she said i had to increase the payments to £105 (she really wants that commission). I said they had to basically take what i had offered and a judge would also see it that way....they was a long pause then finally she said i cannot talk to you about a payment plan now as it has benn passed to our.....Doorstep collection attorneys:lol: I had to put the phone down for laughing.
  20. Yes once...but basically they said that if i owed the money then i should pay it. and they couldn't see a reason it was in dispute....will send another complaint to leeds oft and see what they come up with.
  21. A little update: i recieved a letter dared 04/02/08 saying that the account will held be in abeyance. Also i recieved a letter dated 04/02/08 which was basically a final notice letter. should i just play the waiting game...or do i need to write a letter to them or report them again?
  22. Letter i got off them said the first payment was for 25/11/07 i started paying them on the 16/11/07 and have been monthly ever since, i'm guessing they are hoping i phone up so they can pressure me into paying more...of course phoning them is last think i'll do.
  23. I have a debt with Lowells, i arranged a payment of £7.50 per month with them...which they accepted in writing....Each month though i recieve a letter saying i have not honoured my payment arrangment of £7.50....Even though the balance is going down by £7.50 every month...Any idea why this is happening and is there anything i could do to stop the letters?
  24. To add a little something about DCA's chasing the wrong person for a debt. i have been chased by Lowells for a credit card i've never had...when letter first turned up it was someone else's name on it...then when i informed them they told me they was sorry..after i recieved another letter same debt but with my name on it...basically they just swapped names...then the theatning letters started then the phone calls.....once they phoned me and told me I should pay it up anyway as they could have me for pretending to be someone else and i would be sent to prison :o I said no you can't. they said they could and they'd put it through a court who's judge used to be a DCA manager....complete utter rubbish.
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