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  1. Thanks for advice antone. I'll pass on advice and she can tell them tuesday.
  2. Thanks for the advice...so to clarify she has to declare the money...but since it's only £3.250 she won't have anything stopped from her benefits?
  3. A friend of mine is on esa (income related) and she has just been awarded £1.000 settlement for an accident claim....Does she need to tell the benefits agency about this and will it affect her benefit...they is another £2.250 comingin 3 weeks time as well.
  4. Yeah all the certificates are up to date, right up until next month...checked bank saturday and still they was no payment.
  5. I have just started claiming esa from 28th march, after along wait processing it they have finally payed me a giro for backdated money from the 28th march to 7th may, this was payed on the 9th may...since then i have recieved no money. i have tried phoning up but no one seems to able to tell me whats going on....just wondered does anyone know when you usually get payed after being backdated?
  6. I thought it was meant to be on too. wonder why it isn't?
  7. I've been speaking to them too over Lowells, they told me that's who this programme is about. I sent them a few documents, they was really interested in the contract Lowell sent me..... Hope they give it to lowell...think they are doing another follow up as well as he asked me if i could be filmed today...but i had to decline, he said he'd call me back to arrange another time to film.
  8. Hello...I had a debt with Britannia who sent the debt to commercial credit, i was paying them £2.00 per month, in september of last year they sent the debt back to Britannia.... I found this out today, the problem is i've been paying them every month since july last year, but they say they haven't recieved any payments since august and then they sent it back to britannia.... The actual balance i owe is £19.56, Commercial Credit sent it back to britannia at a total of £34.56. So does anybody know what i should do, They did give me a phone number to ring for britannia but i can't get through on it.
  9. Yes i did send the letter...I got a letter back saying they was putting account on hold...so i'm guessing the CCa they sent is not enforcable, I'msending a copy to Watchdog as they also want to take a look at it.
  10. This is the CCA lowell sent...so can someone tell me if this is enforciable i'm guessing it isn't? http://i647.photobucket.com/albums/uu198/Epitaph13_2009/Page1edit.jpg http://i647.photobucket.com/albums/uu198/Epitaph13_2009/P4200004.jpg http://i647.photobucket.com/albums/uu198/Epitaph13_2009/P4200005.jpg http://i647.photobucket.com/albums/uu198/Epitaph13_2009/P4200007.jpg http://i647.photobucket.com/albums/uu198/Epitaph13_2009/P4200008.jpg http://i647.photobucket.com/albums/uu198/Epitaph13_2009/P4200009.jpg http://i647.photobucket.com/albums/uu198/Epitaph13_2009/P4200010.jpg http://i647.photobucket.com/albums/uu198/Epitaph13_2009/P4200012.jpg
  11. Just to let everyone know a little thing i found out today...that watchdog are currently filming an update on Lowell again, seems like they've had even more complaints since the last time they was on the show...I myself am sending a suppossed contract that Lowell sent me to watchdog.... Lets hope watchdog can get these people kicked into touch.... if your having problems with Lowell i'd contact Watchdog if you haven't done so already.
  12. Just a little update...Lowells rang me today, i told them the contract they sent wasn't signed, They said ok we'll put your account on hold and ask halifax to send us a signed contract.
  13. Just to answer this question...It says it's for an Aqua mastercard...but that aside i have no idea what's it's for as i've never had any dealing with Aqua or Halifax...I have only ever had three credit cards in my life, a marbles, a littlewoods and a captial one card.
  14. To answer all your question and thanks for all the replys.... On the 1st page it says it's for an aqua mastercard...It says the Cardholder's full name..this is all in printed form... On the 2nd page it says under aheading PARTIES it says the parties to this agreement are Halifax and then my name all printed Then finally on one of the pages it says your signature..but that's blank. credit limit terms (not sure), repayment terms (No) percentage rates (yes they all say N/A) cancellation rights (yes) It does have a bit where it says The total charge for credit is £206.69 consisting of £196.69 interest....Thisis based on credit of £1.500 being borrowed at the start of the agreement and repaid in monthly installements....sound more like a loan tome lol. On tuesday a friend of mine is going to try uploading via digitalcamera...so hope that works then you can take a better look. Thanks for all the help
  15. No i don't have a digital camera...but i wouldn't have to remove any details they aren't any lol....I thought they had to be signatures on it to make it legal...I will try to find a way to scan them in.
  16. Hello...to cut a long story short two years ago i cca'd first credit for a debt, a year ago it got passed to lowell (whilst the account was in dispute) and finally afetr a year Lowell have sent a copy of my agreement.... Unfortuanatly i have no scanner so i cannot put it up... but it says at the top of it Credit card agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974, then it lists a load of terms and conditions (8 pages to be precise)...the one thing it is lacking is any signatures of any kind.... not mine, not theirs...there's just no signatures. so what can i do about this? is there a letter i can send off, and is this a legal contract they could use in court?
  17. The actual provider i pay line rental to is Sky...but Bt are threatning to disconect the line... I didn't think they could since i pay my line rental to sky, but the first poster said they could as they legally own the line? Just to add... i didn't pay the bill because they had broadband and line rental for the next three months on my bill, even though i had left them...they refunded this and not the bill is £49 this was done the 15th on the 17th they sent the letter about disconnecting me....i don't get payed till end of month.
  18. So even though i pay sky they can still cut me off? Does anyone know what will happen after they have cut me off, when i've payed the final balance will i need to pay anything to have it put back on? and who do i ask bt or sky? oh and can sky take rental for a line what's been disconnected?
  19. I moved from Bt to sky for my line rental after i had a few problems with bt....Bt have sent me my final bill but i don't agree with it, so currently i'm refusing to pay a bit of the bill....bt say if i don't pay they will disconnect my phone line...... Can they do this since i get my line rental from sky?
  20. Thanks for the help, a little update on this....my girlfriend has phoned them nearly every day now..and they say it isn't on the computer so they must have sent the cheque out...they keep saying someone will get back to her about this but no one ever does. So far no cheque has turned up.
  21. Hello...my Girlfriend a while back was overpayed on her benefit and had to pay this back...she payed back but the dwp debt managment took one week payment to much... ON the 26/10 she recieved a lettter saying they was in the process of refunding the money...it said she should allow 14 days for the refund.... The refund still hasn't turned up, so she phoned up to see where it was, and got told that they wasn't allowed tospeak to her over it...after a lengthy phone call they phoned her back and said they had no records of them oweing the refund... Does anyone have any ideas what is going on and how she can get the refund she is owed?
  22. Well strangely Barclay say cabot own it..but cabot said they sent it back...Barclay did say that if i wasn't dealing with cabot then i shouldn't be dealing with anyone....The woman from Barclay said they was nothing on my records to suggest that NCO have anything to do with this account.
  23. Do need to cca all of them, as barclay say it's not with thme and they want nothing to do with it..... Cabot said they purchased the debt but then sent it back and they don't want to collect on debt.... NCO wouldn't tell me if they owned it...the call guy said he couldn't tell me but they did want paying... so shall i CCa all or just the one after the debt?
  24. Right will do that....Should i put the i do not accknowlege bit as i have acknowleged the debt with making payments?
  25. In november 06 i had a debt for £921.47 with littlewoods credit card this was passed onto RMA i made payments to them..but then barclaycard said they had sold it to Cabot..i made two payments to cabot then NCO phoned up to say why hadn't i been paying them... I said cabot own it and they said no they didn't it was them. I phoned barclaycard who said Cabot was sold it wrongly and the ownership is with NCO...i recieved one letter saying the debt had been purchased by cabot and another saying cabot was sending it back... of today Cabot say they don't own the debt, Barclays say they do and NCo say they own it. Both have different balances and all are not very helpful...is they anything i can do to find out who i should be paying? and who really owns this debt?
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