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  1. No, the line rental is included in the NewCall package, and payable to them not BT. Obviously acting as BT resellers. However, it raises an interesting question. Since using 1280 does route through to BT and allows calls to proceed, but I have no actual BT billing or account, where will the call billing go?
  2. As above, I'm in the same boat. It appears to me that the BT announcement "sorry your call has not been accepted" is somewhat indicative that this Carrier Pre-Select has now been excluded from BT lines. (BTW ALL lines are still owned by BT regardless of who bills you) So, your line is still active, but you can't make an outgoing call. Here's a workaround for now - enrol on the 18185 service (google it) and predial 18185 before your call. It will go through because its routing to another carrier. OK it will cost you 5p connection per call but 0p per minute thereafter. That's actu
  3. I have a phone line and calls from this Carrier Pre-Select (but thankfully no broadband). It was first class for 4+ years under original Primus Telecoms but in Nov 2010 was taken over by NewCall Telecoms and has gone severely downhill. (aside) This was the company that was touted by the Daily Heil in 2011 for bringing its call centre back from Mumbai to Burnley because they could employ people there more cheaply, on minimum pay rates, than the Indian staff. As far as I am concerned no 'contract' exists as it was a continuation of a service I first subscribed to in 2006 with Primus
  4. I find myself in the same boat as OP, all outgoing calls, even free 0800 calls have been barred on my line. I have been a customer of New Call Telecom, and Primustel before that, for many years. I have never, ever been in arrears, especially since my billing is paid by direct credit transfer. Since all calls are barred I can not even call their customer services, nor even their sales lines to speed up my complaint. I have to say that I have noticed the standard of service with this company has dropped dramatically since Primus Telecommunications UK Ltd was bought out by New C
  5. This is how I see it. The claim was made, by the solicitor, to the MIB in the absence of a valid insurer. The MIB then dealt with the claim, but I was never informed how or when or the final outcome. I heard (from an external source) that it was originally rejected by the MIB but they appealed. The MIB are now in the process of recouping their payments and costs in settlement of that claim.
  6. For now, I'm going to return the claim as 'defended' and send an SAR to MIB to see what they are basing it on and event timings. I'm feeling the need for a legal bod to act here as it seems quite a big-un. If so, the question arises, do I need a specialist and what type, would that be motoring or debt or ??? . . . and where might I find such. The situation here is a little different. The "claim" was made in good time under the act, quite soon after the event. The time lag following is when MIB then chose to recoup their loses on the payout they have presumably made. Interestingly,
  7. You can see the claim form here It was delivered by standard postal service
  8. This has now got serious - very serious. Just received County Court claim for £9500 issued by MIB, (not the D.C.A.) What gets me is that something lying dormant for 9 years can be raised for instant payment with absolutely no precedent through all that time. I have never been given the opportunity to contest the facts. Even the MIB guy back in Feb 2002 commented that my insurers had acted unreasonably and that had I continued insurance with them, even after the event, they would have been duty-bound to cover this. I KNOW the claim was fraudulent in that no injuries were sustained
  9. I am sending a "stat barred" letter but, since the circumstances are a little different in my case, I have modified your standard letter. Please see as follows and please advise on any suggestions or improvements I ought to make before sending. Thanks again for your help
  10. Another side of me wonders, 'how long would it be reasonable to leave an (alleged) debt accruing interest before information is passed to the (alleged) debtor?" 10 years, 20 years, 30 years?? No case has ever been raised against me and I have never had an opportunity to contest their spurious claim that I was in any way negligent in my driving, so what supports that allegation, made in the absence of any witnesses? Could it be simply that MIB has had a clear-out of old rubbish and these vultures have combed through it all for potential victims to bully?
  11. Hope this post is in the right place. First the outline facts (as brief as I reasonably can): In Sept 2001 I had a head-on vehicle bump in a narrow lane (2 cars can't pass), no witnesses, a bit light frontal damage to both cars. My contention was that she ran into me, but in such a lane there isn't really an argument anyway. I duly reported to my insurer to be told, to my astonishment, that insurance lapsed 2 days ago. They argued that they sent a renewal notice, but I never received it. I asked where was the reminder then, but they responded that they do not send reminders. (crap
  12. Further to the above post: should I first be writing to MCA to ask them to state the basis for levying this 'cancellation fee'? (not that I believe for one second it is a valid fee, but it might be interesting to see what they say)
  13. Is this a new shyster on the block? I am surprised that I can find nothing previous on Northampton based MCA or Curves Fitness Centres for whom they collect. Curves, only for women, operates as a franchise worldwide, based on a simple automated fitness circuit. It would appear the franchisors use, probably by contract, MCA Northampton to collect for them, although you can pay at the local club. I get the impression that MCA or Membership Collection Agency is a one-man band operated by a David Martin Forsyth-Pontin. But here we go, the story as brief as I can (with nice pics) :
  14. Hmmmm, interesting. I came here to find info on a specific question and this thread is very helpful. My son recently moved into a student-y type shared flat and he is an absolute film buff, goes to the cinema 2-3 times a week. We gave him our old TV to hook up to his DVD player and he genuinely has no interest in watching broadcast TV. No-one else in said place has a TV and he hasn't got a licence yet. However, threatening letters have been arriving based on previous occupant's TVs. It can only be a matter of time before they knock on the door. Now, I thought, in common with
  15. Simon I may not show a presence, because I have nothing to contribute, but I love reading about your, erm . . shall we say, "antics" Well done, go bash 'em. Now, let me see, what DD's have I got running at the mo . . . .
  16. Been thinking about you this morning Den. Hope its all going OK for you, and we'll hear some good news soon. Best wishes
  17. Damn! I knew there had to be a catch Stuff that, do you think I'm mad? Anyway, apart from that, v interesting thread. Has raised my hackles somewhat, doesn't take much where Rupert Murdoch (hock, spit . . . . tink!) is concerned. I currently pay Sky £45 per month by DD and I HATE, HATE, HATE bloody Sky. But how do you argue with a wife who wants access to Movies and Premiere Football? I'd dump sky tomorrow if it was my choice, but her argument is . . . "Well, you have your computer, don't you?"
  18. Thanks, but my next "what if" goes as follows. What if you start an action (court fees etc) and then you receive payment? Can you continue to claim the court fees back even though the original claim is now "settled"?
  19. What might be the situation if you have LBA'd someone to pay up in 14 days and you can't be sure if they might have a payment in the post. Do you go ahead with mcol on day 14, or would that appear to be unreasonable? I'm balancing that against sending the wrong signals if you don't stick to your own timetable for action and begin to look an easy target.
  20. Just a little interjection - what you need is not just any good lawyer, it is most important to get a SPECIALIST in this area of work - find out who writes books on the subject and then what firm he/she works for. Have you checked your (home) insurance policies to see if they offer free (notionally) legal services? Many do, but it isn't glaringly obvious from a quick glance, ring and check anyway.
  21. and when you have your day in court, always remember you are not there alone. You will have about 20 CAG members standing right by your shoulder. If you close your eyes a sec you'll see them
  22. Hell yeah! You had an item of declared value and had even sold it for that value, so it can't be written off as labour. You paid them insurance to cover that value. WTF did they take the premium off you for? Too right, I would sue them.
  23. Sorry guys, in need of help here. I'm loving this thread and I want to join the party, but you've got me :o with all those acronyms. Now, I do know of the CIA and the USSR and even the BBC but then we have . . . doh!
  24. Thanks Here is my draft, any comments would be appreciated. BTW the claims address is different from the company's registered address, so this is obviously going to the latter. As you can see this relates to yet another bunch of mobile [problematic]. (To mods, sorry if this is now placed in wrong section, but it did start life as a general query) ____________________________________________________________ [address] 27 September 2007 Letter Before Action Dear Sirs Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 Unfair Con
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