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  1. All letters should go to Trinity House, u get a much quicker response. U only need to add the 8% if they refuse to pay up after ur LBA. It is mine field but well worth picking thru it and waiting, as the Halifax dont have the balls to enter a court. Good luck Bank Avenger
  2. Hi Jam, don't let them get u down, cos u will beat them at their own game. Start off by sending an SAR (letter can be found on the templates) this is a request for all of your statements, which they have 40 days to comply with. (remember to include a £10 postal order) Just to reassure u, i won my case against the Halifax and had £1875 paid back into my account today after sending court papers. They havnt got the balls to go all the way with this but u have If u need help with anything just ask Bank Avenger
  3. Halifax settled in full including the 8% £1875.05, this after they filed acknowledgement of service to the court intending to defend Bank avenger
  4. Hi everyone, great news I WON!! . I got as far as issuing court papers and the Halifax sent in the Acknowledgement of Service stating that they intended to defend. I received a letter from the Halifax letting me know that this is what they had done, HOWEVER, on a purely commercial basis it would not be worth their while defending, as they would not be able to claim back their costs (even if the bank wins) was what they put in the letter. On this basis, and with no admission of liability whatsoever, £1875.05 will be refunded to your account within 5 working days. I checked the bank today and they had actually done what they said, and the money was there. A huge thanks to the site, and to my mate Angry Banker for all her help. Note to all you fighting the Halifax - hold on in there, you'll get what you want in the end A very happy Bank Avenger
  5. Hi angry, going well at the moment i think. am about to send my letter before action, as I had a reply stating that as a "goodwill gesture" they would repay £386.00 of the £1437.28 that they have charged me!! lol. I have had pretty quick responses from the Halifax, although i have not had any reply to my letter saying i would NOT accept £386 as full and final settlement. i will keep u posted bank avenger
  6. Hi, im new to this site and need some advice.... i have looked around at some other cases and really want to claim back my charges but my account is overdrawn by about £350 and the bank are going to pass it to their collections team unless i clear it or make arrangements to clear within the next 7 days. If i send the S.A.R to my bank how will this affect me with regards to their threats to take further action if i do not attempt to pay back the overdrawn amount. I know the amount i would be claiming back is far more than what they say i owe them...and it is only the charges they have put on my account that has put me overdrawn.... any advice greatly appreciated thanks:confused:
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