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  1. I have just spoken to the Customer Relations Team who were very appologetic considering the situation and will credit twice and stop any additional charges first thing Monday.
  2. Hi, I have a thread on the successes forum but maybe I have been too hasty. :-| I received a letter from Stuart Higley to say they would settle for the sum and I was to sign and return the letter to acknowledge I will accept. A day after sending the letter by Special Delivery they have taken the money out of my account, making me £1400 over-overdrawn. I am confident this what be sorted but what a mistaker-to-maker. Anyone else had this happen to them? Siggles
  3. Could a moderator move this to successess forum?
  4. Good news for everyone!!!! I have had an offer of full and final settlement before even needing to go to court. £1,149.50!! It was 14 days yesterday since Nat West received my LBA letter by Special delivery. I reworded the LBA letter slightly to say that I would like to resolve this issue before the need to go to court, that I would persue it all the way, etc so of course I would reccomend this course of action to others who have not got as far as the LBA. Thankfully today I held back from going online to fill out the court claim because I had still not heard from natwest and had a inkling that I would hear from them with good or bad news, because of a delay in the post. The letter was dated 29th Dec. The letter says I have to write back and sign a statement to say I accept within a month. Of course they do not accept liability, etc. Thanks for a great website and all the help. I will make a donation when I receive the money. Please put this in settled forum!!!
  5. Hi, I have started a claim for around £1200 from Nat West. I have already added up my charges, sent the prelimanary letter, received a reply from Stuart and then sent on my LBA by Special Delivery (thanks to the post girls at work) which apparently arrived at the head office on the 19th December. It was 14 days yesterday since the letter arrived but I have decided to give them until Monday / Tuesday because of all the bank holidays that occured between then and now. Is this wise? I have also seen a user be successful by righting a chase up letter after the LBA explaining that it will be better to settle before going to court. Anyone else had any luck with this? Thanks for the help and great website!! Regards Siggles
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