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  1. You are right the banks have been robbing us for years and if you want to have to file court papers get sheriffs officers etc involved and have the time then I would centainly advise going that route. If I have to start paying £10 per month just to have a bank account then this will cost me the same over the Scottish 5 year claim period and I will never get that back so we have to meet the banks somewhere in the middle and £2.50 is a lot more to our side than the banks £35 charge side. It is really going to need a test case to find out what the actual cost to the banks is but a programme on BBC had 2 experts from within the banking industry claim that £2.50 would be a resonable cost to pass on and I am quite willing to accept this at this moment in time as the sums involved for me were not that large. You also have to take into account that in Scotland we have to jump through hoops to get £1500+ back. If for example you had 100 x £35 charges making a total of £3500 but agreed with the bank to accept 100 x £2.50 charges then you will get back £3250. If you can find a solicitor to take on your case (which you can still loose and have to pay full cost) it will cost you more than £250 and have a lot more risk involved. A cop out maybe accepting a lesser offer but better IMHO for those who can't afford to loose anymore or who originally thought the cash was gone forever anyway. Good luck with your case. Post your thread details up and I will keep an eye on it.
  2. Having just got £740 back from Halifax (£69 short of what I originally asked for) and having to just reject the 1st offer and then do a deal which was acceptable I found that court was not required. Try speaking to them. Say you believe £2.50 is a fair charge and would accept that. I am sure they will settle
  3. Won't be any problems as same Sherrifs as Aberdeen.
  4. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/scotland/40792-gary-aberdeen-halifax.html is my thread and I have not needed to go to court but have settled for slightly less. I would have went the Summary Cause route if I had to though
  5. I found that after waiting for 75 days and getting an aknowledgement and then sending a letter reminding Halifax about the 40 days limit (with a cc to the information commisoner (who sent me a reference no.)) that things still never moved. I called and asked where my statements were and then got them withing 5 days. Call and say you are waiting and have alreday sent the cheque wich they have cashed as this is the best prove you can have. You can check out my woes http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/scotland/40792-gary-aberdeen-halifax.html
  6. Sorry have been lazy and done nothing for a few weeks. Was just about ready to file courts papers when I got a letter from Halifax saying that I never responded to thier original £500+ offer. I called then today and had a wee chat with them then directly asked if they would move on the original offer. I was asked if I woul move and said I would accept that £4.00 was a resonable charge so they/I agreed to settle for £740, which is £69.00 less than I asked for and in my opinion fair. I will let you know when I get the cash. It does appear that banks are willing to settle without the need for court. Just take note that I should have said £2.50 was a fair charge as this reflected the cost to the bank but I stupidly used the £4.00 cheque figue. You live and learn Good luck everyone
  7. Bank just cancelled the loan with PPI and setup another one without
  8. Loan only now 30 days old and no payments made so not expecting anything more than the base amount. She (my other half) has made it clear they will loos all her business if they mess about. Should be fun
  9. thanks reidnet She has to go to bank tommorow to get new loan at the same rate as her current one without the ppi. We will see how it goes.
  10. They called my other half today and still said the only way to cancel the PPI is to repay the total loan and take out a new one without the PPI. Can they legally do this? I thought you were able to shop around if you wanted PPI The cancellation was well within the 30 days
  11. My other half took out a loan and ppi with Halifax. After a week she called to cancel the PPI and was told to write which she duly done. She then recived a letter from the Halifax saying that she could not cancel the PPI unless she repaid all the loan and took out another loan. I don't think so. What they meant was "You bugger, we gave you a better interest rate because you took the PPI"
  12. Still to file the court papers. I did work out that the difference in what they have offered is what the charges would amount to if the charge was £12.00 per item. Could this be a new ploy to save the banks giving back all the money?
  13. Never a solicitor in sight when you need one. I suppose they want tens of thousands. Sorry if I have wasted your time with that. I never waited 2 weeks after getting the 4 week reply and ended up getting an offer quicker. It's up to you
  14. kaiser_solsay did you have to go to court or did the money suddenly appear in your back account?
  15. Got an offer today £523.00 Going to do some maths see if I can work out how they arrived at that figure. Also have a number to call so might call and say I accept the offer but only if they agree to swallow my overdraft -£190 and close the account. That will be the same amount as I am owed (almost)
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