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  1. Hello all, got a call from my bank manager last week telling me that all my charges will be paid back to me - as a gesture of good will of course. It's only £338, but hey, what timing! big thanks to this sight and everyone on it, good luck and stick with it, I'm telling EVERYONE I know! Happy Christmas:)
  2. hello all, sent my LBA off last week giving them 7 days to respond - I notice that 14 seems to be the standard. Am I being greedy or shall I stick to the week. look forward to any responses. thanks.
  3. Thanks. the letter does say "we will not be refunding the charges". sending my LBA today. ta
  4. Hi all, have sent a letter to RBS requesting full repayment of charges - £408. Recieved reply today - 24 hours later! stating that "we believe that our charges are fair, reasonable and transparent" - in short they're saying that it's all in accordance with the agreement and complies with all laws. I was expecting this letter, and I'm pretty sure I know what to do next although I am a bit nervous about the whole thing, and just want to make sure I'm doing everything correctly. All advice very gratefully welcomed! Thanks Chris
  5. Thanks. I'm opening a new account today and have drafted a letter to my current bank. I'd love to start a thread in the relevant section for my bank, but I don't know how to - I've tried but just get completely lost! - it took me ages to find FAQ's(clicking on faq didn't seem to work). I'll persevere so as to keep people up to date with my claim. thanks again, Chris
  6. Hello all, Over the past four years I've been charged about £500 for going over an agreed overdraft limit - sometimes it was for one day, other times a week and never more than a few pounds over - I was charged between £25 and £35 every time. I did agree to an overdraft limit, and at the end of the day it was my fault I went over( I was often waiting for cheques to clear, wages to be paid etc etc). Do I have a right to claim? thanks Chris.
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