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  1. I had a secured loan with EPF for £45,000.00. When I settled early on 29th June 2006, I was charged £1,941.79 early redemption fee. I was also charged on settlement two lots of interest £329.68 on 15/6/06 and £329.68 on 29/6/06. I was also charged £120.00 sealing fee, £23.00 account service fee, £18.00 letter fee. I wrote asking for these charges back -and an explanation as to why I was charged two lots of interest. this is the reply I received - can anyone advise if I have a case or not. Many thanks. “Thank you for your recent contact informing me of your complaint. I am concerned to lea
  2. after issuing a MCOL on 12/3/07 and after receiving a defence and an offer by Clydesdale Bank on 10th April I have now received a letter from them on 30th April stating that I have issued against the wrong defendant. They have now retrated their offer. They state CLydesdale Financial Services and Clydesdale bank are two different organisations. I put CLydesdale financial services on the particular and pressed look up address which brought up an address for yorkshire bank. I can't believe this is happening now. My question is do I have to start all over again or do you thin the COurt will ch
  3. Hi Hazzersdad Thanks for the advice - will leave it another week to see if the other statements turn up with more detail on, the statements do list the payments made and the 6 failed DD but no mention of the actual charge for each DD failure. Can't work out what the Charge listed is for - this comes to 2,837.40 and Collect activity fee of £75.00 - they have stated a rebate of £748.37 (whoppee) but as I say charges of over £2K. Am interested to see what their breakdown of these are - I hope these are reclaimable - as this is for just one account and very interested in what the others mi
  4. Hi Datxman & Miss Moneypenny After advice, I have kept a note of the amount for prep and postage - I am claiming £9.25 per hour - total of 2 hours & 10p per sheet for photocopying and £1.80 postage - I have typed this up on a separate sheet and if it gets to Court will produce this then - if they decide to settle before I will send them a copy of my claim then . Hope this helps.
  5. Hi datxman I made the claim for my husband - haven't heard a thing from Barclaycard since I got the court date - 3rd March. I submitted my Court Bundle to them and the Court last week - I am used to doing these as I work as a Legal Secretary and used to go to the County Court quite often through work - husband is scared stiff - he keeps saying that he hopes it settles before Court as he wouldn't know what to do - told him not to worry - wondered if I could go with him? does anyone know? I can handle myself pretty well and am not easily intimidated by solicitors or barristers, having w
  6. I too have prepared my Court Bundle for hearing on 3rd March - was going to send it off tomorrow - am interest to put in charges for copying and preparing bundle etc as well - can anyone shed any light on this? I assume you put your charges on the up to up to date schedule of charges you are claiming - at the bottom I suppose. Would be helpful if someone ca clarfify this for me - can we claim postage as well?
  7. thanks les, Friend has asked whether he should be taking anything with him for this Allocation Hearing? Does he have to sort out a bundle etc and if so is a template available for ERC - seen the one for bank charges - if he does need to prepare a bundle is this the one he uses?
  8. After receiving my statements, sent off prelim letter and got ususal reply - offered me paltry £72.00 - sent letter stating would accept offer in part settlement but would still claim for the remainder. They then sent me a cheque (in my maiden name) for the £72.00 and said that's your lot. Rang then and told them that this was no use to me - they asked for my marriage cert again (I have sent this twice now) - told them they had already had it - if they were going to be funny they could stick the £72.00 - got a call after christmas saying they had realised their mistake and cheque for £72.00
  9. Hi, Friend of mine has filed MCOL for repayment of ERC - over £3,000.00 in total - received a defence and now having completed Allocation Questionnaire, and received a copy of the Abbey's Allocation Questionnaire has received a date for Court - having phoned the Court has been told the Allocation Hearing is on 13th MArch 2007 before a District Judge. Friend is a bit apprehensive about this, Abbey are wanting to move case to County Court?? and not SMall Claims Court - I have told Friend that as his claim is under £5,000.00 as I believed it they cannot do this and it must proceed in Small
  10. Can anyone help me with the interest rate for GE Capital Money - used to be First National Tricity Finance - bought something on buy now pay later from Northern Electric -= got statements - was charged £20.00 a few times for unpaid direct debits - want to claim interest on top - don't know what rate to use - cany anyone help? Thanks:)
  11. Hello, After a long haul, where I had filed MCOL against Barclaycard, I have now received a Court date for 5th March 2007 at my local County Court. Can't understand why Barclaycard have let this get this far, only £200 odd pounds to start with - not a lot to them I suppose. Can anyone tell me how how it will be before I get my money - will they wait until just before hearing to settle? Hope not!
  12. kendraflo

    Egg Play Dirty

    Hi Stansfield5131 -my payments are uptodate - I have a direct debit set up - never missed a payment yet - was shocked when I got the letter saying that - they are bullys, you are right about that!
  13. kendraflo

    Egg Play Dirty

    After Sending Lba I Have Received Letter From Egg - Firstly Stating They Hadn't Received My Prelim Letter - Funny That As I Sent It By Recorded Delivery And Have The Printed Proof Of Signature From The Post Office. Secondly What A Surprise They Are Disputing My Claim (which Was For Late Charges, Exceeded Limit Fees And Ppi Which I Never Agreed To - They Say I Did In A Telephone Conversation In Dec 04 - I Asked For Proof And They Said They Can't Provide It), So I Rfeceived A Letter Off Them Basically Telling Me That If I Took Court Action With Regard To My Old Credit Card Account, They Would
  14. Filed Mcol After Receiving Bogoff Letter To Prelim & Lba. After 2 Weeks Of Nervous Waiting And No Acknowledgment Off Mint I Entered Judgment. In The Meantime, Unbeknown To Me, They Had Cedited Card Account With Half Of Amount Claimed. (don't Use The Account - Have No Balance On And Cut Up Card Months Ago). Contacted Mint To Say That I Had Entered Judgment And When Could I Receive The Cheque - Snotty Lady Said "you've Already Had Money Credited, Don't Know What You Are Talking About - What Is Judgment" Went On To Explain To Her - She Said "you Have To Put It In Writing" - Told Her I D
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