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  1. Ok have just recieved a letter for my charges from one Natwest account where they have offered to repay the full amount £185 however I calculated the intrest on top of that and that comes too another £35, can I continue for the extra cash?
  2. This ones getting a bit confusing. In 2004 I went over my overdraft limit, a direct debit came out and Natwest paid the direct debit. Due to my circumstances changing i could not afford to pay it back then came bank charges which made it worse. I then paid off £1000 too them however by this time the charges had rose the account to still be over the £2000 overdraft limit. So we gave up attempting to pay this off. Then a company called CAPQUEST started calling threatening court procedings. I then found this fantastic website, where I find these chargges are unlawful, I had already paid them £199 . Then I cancelled these payments to CAPQUEST as the charges meant that I would be paying them back nearly £3500. After being victimised by these abhorrent paople (3 or 4 calls a day threatening me) I have recently sent for my bank statements for the last 6 years which I have now recieved. A few days before i recieved my bank statements, I recieve a letter from H L LEGAL saying SETTLEMENT OFFER Current balance of Account £2472.81 Settlement Offer £1298.23 Your Minimum Saving £1174.58 So I called CAPQUEST asking them why this offer had now come. The problem is that I dont owe them £1298.23 I owe then £1168.31. Is there anyone who can advise me?
  3. hmm. i think they are service charges. come on though £27000 for cashing cheques?
  4. Is it also unlawful for a bank, yes you know who, NATWEST, to charge on a business account? The reason I ask is they have been charging me £250/month on my business account for processing cheques, paying direct debits etc for the last 9 years! so thats £27,000. natwest are chancers. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. They say now that i owe them approx. £2500. I have already paid them approx. £1200 on top of this amount! The overdraft was onlly £2000 so from what i can tell i owe them approx £800.
  6. Last year i lost my job and unfortunatley my new job didn't pay as well as my previous job. This led me to going overdrawn at the bank, over my overdraft limit, which was £2000. Natwest started charging me for going over my overdraft limit. The amount that they were charging me was more than i could afford to pay back, as I had had a newborn child to look after. We borrowed £1000 from our family in an attempt to pay this money back, however by this time the charges had taken the amount owed to £3000+, so obviously even though I gave the bank £1000 they would still charge me the same charges on the account each month. I then gave up paying this manoey back as there was no way i had enough money to even pay thier "charges". So about 4 months ago I recieved a letter then telephone calls from a company called CAPQUEST, telling me that i would "have to sort this out", and pay back the money. So we started paying these guys money which we could well afford not too. Then low and behold I hear on a website that these charges are illegal. I recieve at least one if not sometimes 3 or 4 calls from this "company" every day. Personally i feel this is intimidation. ANY IDEAS?
  7. This is probably my own fault, however until recently I've been a bit scared of banks ....... no longer . Ok i need some help here. you'll like this. Its a long one though. Ok moved my small business from Manchester to Edinburgh. Unfortunatley we got off to a poor start. I wasn't making money. So fortunatley i had an overdraft with NatWest, hate them, anyway we started making money, however not enough to cover the bills then I went over my overdraft because of a direct debit which was bigger than the maney in the account, and since then I've paid them £1199 and they are now threatening me with court. My overdraft limit was £2000, and they say I still owe them £2767. AAAAAArrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh! Am i right in saying that these charges are illegal? HELP!
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