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  1. I honestly thought this case had died the death, but lo and behold this Saturday I received a package through the post that almost gave the poor postie a hernia. I had been sent a pressie from Bryan Carter containing all my Egg statements upto 2nd November last year. All the printed sheets have the date 27/11/2009 on them, but the letter from Bryan Carter is dated 3rd June 2010. I phoned BC to ask what they were playing at and was told that they were sorry for the delay in sending me the statements (7 months) but that they were going to proceed with the claim through the County Court. Can they actually do this? The case has been stayed for more than 6 months.
  2. Are Bryan Carter allowed to keep phoning us now that summons have been served?
  3. I've just sent an e-mail to Payplan asking if they could provide me with a statement of all payments made against this debt. I haven't told them I've received court papers.
  4. Will do, I'll be back on Monday with their response.
  5. It says in the above letter that I will file defence against the whole claim, in that case do I fill in the income/expenditure form?
  6. Job's a good 'un. If Bryan Carter sent me details of payments received, as requested, it would show that I have been paying them.
  7. Have I made a mistake or has Bryan Carter?
  8. We sent Bryan Carter a letter back in May, a copy of which is shown below. My apologies but it is a bit long; It took Bryan Carter until August to reply to this letter and they only sent the copy of the CCA, none of the other documants requested.
  9. Yes I did and I received a copy of the agreement with my signature on, which is what I requested when they first started threatening legal action. I haven't got a copy of payments received against the account though.
  10. Oh but I have been paying them, Egg have been receiving monthly payments through PayPlan for several years.
  11. The summons does indeed come with all the other documents, I also tried phoning the helpline and it is Northampton CC.
  12. I should also point out that the POC lists the claimant as Egg Banking PLC, but I can prove that EGG has been receiving regular payments through PayPlan at an amount agreed between themselves and Payplan.
  13. I should point out that according to PayPlan our payments are being paid to Egg via Direct Legal and Collections. Bryan Carter are acting on behalf of Fredrickson Int who claimed the debt was sent to them to collect. As I haven't received any notification from Egg that the debt has been assigned to Fredrickson and neither has Payplan we have continued paying Egg through DLC.
  14. Gotcha, the POC states that they are claiming £4107.35. According to PayPlan I owe £3974.79.
  15. I've just received court summons from Bryan Carter through the Northampton County Court for an outstanding debt on an Egg Card. We are currently on a Debt Management Plan with Payplan and have been making regular payments against this debt and continue to do so. Can anyone offer advice on filing a defence?
  16. Gary29

    Argos Sofa

    After getting nowhere with Argos customer service I finally e-mailed Sara Weller (Argos MD). I sent the e-mail at 13.54, at 13.58 I received a reply from her PA apologizing that Sara wasn't in the office at the moment, but that they would pass the problem to their Executive Customer Resolutions Team. At 14.35 I was phoned by the head of the above team saying that she agreed with our position completely and that she would be calling us back on Monday to arrange a delivery time for Tuesday. Argos Managing Director Sara Weller - [email protected]
  17. We're in the process of leaving SKY Broadband for Virgin. We received a letter today with our MAC code telling us that the service would end on 28th Aug, but that it would take 10 days to clear the line after that and we can't activate our new isp until then. I thought all this 10 day malarky had been stopped?
  18. We've received a reply e-mail already; Good luck, the wife has never signed one.
  19. Ok update time. Wescot decided to throw in the towel and return the case to Vert Baudet, we thought they'd given up too until a letter landed on the mat last week from Debt Managers Ltd. It was the usual threatogram, so we sent them an e-mail in response.
  20. At no time have I ever said to JD Williams that our dispute is over a lack of signature on the cca. The fact that the cca has the wrong address, and is incorrect for the year they alleged my wife signed it, that's what we are disputing.
  21. How do we stop them applying a default against the wifes credit file?
  22. JD Williams has sent the wife another letter, which I've repoduced here. Any suggestions for our next course of action.
  23. If the warrant is stolen it will flag up when it's redeemed.
  24. He won't need any ID to redeem to warrant, and yes he can get the ticket before the day but the ticket will have to be for the date on the warrant. Do not make any alterations to the warrant, as that will invalidate it.
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