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  1. Thanks for contacting the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). I understand you attempted to make a claim for PPI commission with Bradford & Bingley but that it was rejected. I can appreciate why you've contacted us about this so I'll provide guidance to clarify our position. Our rules Our rules in relation PPI complaints handling can be found in the FCA Handbook under Dispute Resolution (DISP). DISP App 3.3A.4 may be of particular interest in relation to your enquiry. Your next steps If you're unhappy with the firm's response, you may wish to contact the Financia
  2. I have written the FCA who sent me a link to my particular issue the problem is I don't understand it...can someone put it into lay terms for me https://www.handbook.fca.org.uk/handbook/DISP/App/3/3A.html many thanks
  3. received a response from B&B regarding the commision they earnt on PPI mis-sold on a mortgage, they are claiming that the commision and profit share they earn't was less than 50% therefore in accordance to the FCA rules we are not entitles to any redress. Having briefly looked at the Plevin case She claimed for mis-sold PPI on the grounds that it did not meet her needs, and during her complaint at Manchester County Court learnt that 71.8% of her PPI premium was taken as commission by Paragon, credit broker LLP Processing Ltd and provider of the PPI Norwich Union Personally I ha
  4. Interestingly enough we took the complaint to the FOS then made contact with Bradford and Bingley who have agreed to look back into the case, so not entirely the end of the road even after the six month deadline
  5. Found this on "Which" site [Your address] [solar panel provider details] To [add details] Reference: [if known] Dear Sir/Madam, On [date] I entered into a contract with you for the provision of a [details of the solar installation]. Prior to entering into the contract your salesperson [provide name if known] stated that [add details of the misleading statement]. I have now discovered that contrary to the statement made by your salesperson, the installation would not be as was represented to me for the following reasons: [set out any discrepancies] The statem
  6. Thanks for the info, I'm just picking up the pieces of what has happened previously so things are pretty vague. What I'm getting is he phoned up and complained but nothing in writing then after that his health went down hill and has been in and out of hospital with diabetes and ulcerated legs and pretty much forgot about it. It wasn't until I successfully got my PPI back from lloyds that he mentioned it, so I thought you guys might be able to steer a way through it, thanks Another important point to mention a while back he was out of work and tried to claim on his
  7. the father-in- law has passed his PPI claim on to me to see if there is anything CAG can do to help him. We done a SARS calculated all the payments and interests due which comes to 8k sent off a template letter asking for it back and waited eight weeks and nothing. Sent off another letter giving them a further two weeks to reply to which they did:- Dear Mr XXXX Account Number: 013/XXXXXXX Thank you for contacting us to outline your concerns regarding the above policy Our records show that you have previously contacted us to bring these concerns to our attention. At that time we t
  8. do they get a copy of the FOS questionaire?
  9. thanks, so the 845 single payment is not claimable or do I have that wrong too
  10. just need re-assurance that what I'm claiming is correct, so £845 for the cost of the PPI, then the 6.58% added by the bank which amounts to £1184 and 8% interest which comes to £1075 making a total sum of £3104, many thanks
  11. been busy putting the numbers onto the various sheets on the "StatIntSheet v101" I'm not too sure what to enter in for the description also do i have to fill out the FOS questionnaire, thanks PPI.pdf StatIntSheet v101.pdf
  12. okay so by my calculations 6.85% on £267.10 = £18.30 x 70 months payment = £1281.00 then the final payment of £2861.11 had £196.00 so added to £1281.00 = £1477.00 is that correct?
  13. what figures on this sheet do I use to calculate the 6.85% and is there a spread sheet available? many thanks
  14. yes i do, I tried to download the "Spreadsheet 1 - Statutory interest @ 8%" but the link is down...is there another link?
  15. No the loan did not run its full course because after i claimed back bank charges they payed off the loan and shut the account by doing so i reckon they cut about a year off
  16. I see what your saying now so not only is there the PPI amount there is the interest put on by the bank that is refundable too... Is that correct?
  17. there isn't one just the monthly payments as shown in the loan agreement
  18. Finally after a long long wait I have received a pile of paper work from Lloyds mainly statements and nothing showing the loan agreement as above but a set of statements illustrating the loan repayments. What is the next plan of action?
  19. Copy of CISheet v101.xls Evening Guys, is this the correct letter to use to claim back the charges levied on our mortgage:- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?390026-Mortgages-Reclaiming-Charges also I have attached my list of charges I want to claim back are my requests correct?
  20. I have attached the Spread Sheet but I have not included the interest rate as I need to go through the files to calculate at what percentage they have charged us, thanks Copy of CISheet v101.xls
  21. cheers DX, just a quickie I know I have asked before but with all the charges they have applied to the account which no doubt contribute to the arrears is there any chance I can get the interest back on the arrears they have charged?
  22. Afternoon Guys, finally completed my CIS sheet and it looks like there has been 4k worth of fees and charges have been applied to the account, I have been searching around for a template letter asking for these charges back, can someone point me in the right direction, cheers
  23. Totally agree, but I do not understand why they cannot answer a basically simple question the truth is no one queries these charges/fee/penalties. So I will ask our local councillor for help that will get answers, if that dont work then the local MP!
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