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  1. Well im sat here munching on finger nails, trying to figure out when the 28 days are up (see signature) I worked out it was today but to give benifit of the doubt we'll go for 7th November. Cobbets usual form is to post in the 11th hour so the 28 days must be tomorrow. Ill keep you posted
  2. All relevent letters have gone off, got a letter 1 day before the 14 day deadline before issue of the LBA,stating they are looking into my complaint and will reply back within 14 days. Should I issue the LBA or wait for the fob off letter
  3. Hi Bella, thanks for the info, i have posted my prelims today via special delivery,all three this will be fun, will keep you posted
  4. Thats crystal clear, so if i file one on monday and say the other on wednesday, that will keep them well apart or should i do them a week apart
  5. opps sorrry £10, 945.00p ten thousand nine hundred and forty five pounds, when i calculated this i was nearly sick, thats the figure round about the HM Customs were going to bankrupt me for!!!
  6. combined charges which include Unauthorised Borrowing fees and returned cheques, standing orders and DD's,
  7. What the Best course of action because I am chasing LLoyds for £10.945
  8. Hi all, need clarification on two issues, can i claim back the "service charge" or the "Bus Focus Fee"??
  9. Hi MJanet, this refers to my business account, Im getting slightly confused to which i should be claiming back as there is a "Bus Focus Fee" and a "Service Charge" can i cliam back on both or just one of them, look forward to any reply, cheers Kev
  10. Can I claim back the "service charge" or "Bus Focus Fee"?
  11. Hi Everyone, just got the documents requested from my DPA, what a nightmare there is a stack of paperwork to get through....Looks like ill be burning the midnight oil for a bit. But with the help of this forum all my questions should be answered in the usual positive way, Cheers Kev
  12. Keeping you informed, just to let you know they are... surprising as it may sound defending the claim, just delaying tactics as usual, why go to these lengths?. The solicitors must be having a field day with this as well as the courts in the mean time we have to suffer the wait,
  13. Hi All, "Notice Of Issue" received which only took 48 hours, Natwest have until 23rd October to comply - Needless to say we probably have to wait until the eleventh hour for them to file the defence, but were heading in the right direction!!
  14. Just a quickie, im doing my MCOL in the "Amount Claimed" bit, do i enter just the charges only or charges & interest??
  15. Right now i am looking at a Self Help Kit for Small Claims, and its giving me a headache there are seven sheets of paper and alot of literature. Which ones apply to me is just the "Claim Form" or are there more to fill out
  16. Yes thats true, their intentions are spelt out, just a weird letter. On to my next stage will keep you posted cheers kev
  17. Hi Folk, back again with a short and sweet reply to my LBA: Dear Mr Webb, Thank you for your letter of 14th September, received today, As explained in Shaun Scotts Letter of 14th September 2006 the bank is unable to offer a refund of charges. If you wish to continue with legal action please hand any summons or associated legal papers into the local Natwest branch or post to the address above, Yours Sincerely Dylan Griffiths Area Business Manager What do you folk make of this? seems very cool and calm and we dont care sort of approach..... should i make my move with
  18. Letter Before Action going off today (recorded delivery), time to sit tight, wait and prepare my claim form
  19. Thats a good point Stopthethieves, I was going to use that in my LBA but you made a valid point, cheers. Anyone know if this is exactly true because a bank account is a bank account at the end of the day, may it be a business or private one the fees apply to all.
  20. Fair Shout Mate, back on track again and ready to kick Butt!!!!!!!!
  21. True, but surely by sending a letter fibbing to the contrary will damage their case should it go to court or dont they think that?
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