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  1. We put in a claim for Reimbursements for out of pocket expenses and compensation being honest I'm not interested in the compensation but the out of pocket expenses. No we didn't take pictures of the empty desk but yes we have evidence we tried to call them by our phone logs. No contact could be made with Ryanair by phone as it would redirect us to the website to rebook at a much later date then our scheduled flight. Ryanair offered a partial refund for our flight by way of a voucher but nothing other than that. Ryanair did not offer a reroute, their website stated there was
  2. if I'm not entitled to compensation what about reimbursement?
  3. at the time of the booking the corridor to Greece was open with no COVID restrictions in place apart from having a valid Passenger Locator Form to enter Greece and one to return to UK. Greece went into lockdown before Britain this is why we had to leave because within 24hours Thessaloniki Airport was going into lockdown. Obviously we tried phoning Ryanair but an automated message kept diverting us to their website to rebook another flight however the next flight two weeks away. When at Thessaloniki airport there was no agent from Ryanair to assist us so with the airport lockdown looming we had
  4. PNR: OES2YE Dear Customer, We regret to advise you that due to ongoing changes to travel restrictions, at very short notice, we have no alternative and are forced to cancel your flight(s): FR8583 from Thessaloniki to London (Stansted) on 08Nov20. Please inform any other customers who may be travelling in your party of these cancellations. We are notifying you today to inform you that you can choose between a full reimbursement of the cost of your ticket, or the option of re-routing as well as reasonable care (as detailed below).
  5. Before I contact the Greek CAA this is the cancellation email we received back in November 2020, I cannot see anything that relates to Covid-19. Just checking with you guys to see if you can find anything before I send off an email.
  6. it would be interesting FTMDave but reading through previous posts on the forum it doesn't look like they will be forthcoming with that info, in the meantime I'm also hoping the lad can find some sort of correspondence from CEL. Thanks for the advice
  7. thanks for the advice it very much appreciated I'm just hoping the boy comes good and finds some paperwork for us
  8. Fantastic advice from everyone so much to think about, so what will be my next move a) contact the Greek CAA or b) LBA and start the ball rolling through the courts or c) Insurance Claim? I'm off to bed now I have to feed the Bears tomorrow!
  9. amazing piece of info, thank you for taking the time to compile this for me. The story is what I've written above, but there is still a matter of the insurance policy that was in place at the time, they've asked us to contact everyone concerned to ask for refunds and once we have rejection letters we can go back to them and hope for a payout. This does not let Ryanair off the hook so upon your advice I will go back to the Greek CAA and complain! again thanks for you time and effort
  10. very true dx I've been here a while now, lets see what they harass me with on the 24th March
  11. very frustrating, I'm almost inclined to use a claim firm and sacrifice a chunk of my money
  12. Received an email response tonight from Ryanair, but it leads only to this message "A previous application has already been submitted for this booking." Should I start getting ready an LBA? Our Ref: 30***** Dear Customer, I refer to your recent correspondence regarding your booking. Due to an unprecedented demand in contacts received as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we may not have personally responded to everyone. Perhaps you have had a resolution though our contact centre or through another channel. If your query has been dealt with that is great and we have closed
  13. Received this last week, should I do anything? Dear Mr I act for Creation Financial Services Limited and write further to my letter dated 18 February 2021. I note that we have not received a response to that letter and attach a copy for ease of reference. I ask that you contact me with your response by a date no later than 24 March 2021, failing which I will have little option than to seek my my client’s instructions to make an application for summary Judgment. Should such an application be necessary, I will also be seeking an Order from the Court that you
  14. I was thinking the very same thing as this was back in January 2020 and he shared his car with the girlfriend, I was thinking of writing to them and asking them for photo evidence who was the driver. I know from reading the information they can only obtain from the DVLA is who is the registered keeper but as stated on the V5 form this is not proof of ownership. I'm not sure if this will work? Yes I do drive
  15. Brilliant information and something we need to take on board should it go to court but I would accompany my son as a Mckenzie friend so hopefully avoiding the same mistake. I've asked him to tidy his flea pit of a flat and try to locate any letters he may not have thrown away but I'm not holding up much hope.
  16. Unfortunately all correspondence sent have been thrown away so He is unable to answer these questions accurately. For PCN's received through the post [ANPR camera capture] (must be received within 14 days from the Incident) 1 Date of the infringement 10/01/2020 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] Not Sure 3 Date received Not Sure 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [Y/N?] Not Sure 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes
  17. I'll get on to that first thing tomorrow, thanks for the help and support
  18. No they have not stated what rule he has supposed to of breached
  19. Hi there, yes the penalty look very disproportionate to anything I've seen before! 182.00 for 28 minutes and according to my son who this applies to was legally parked to use a cake shop.
  20. Name of the Claimant : Civil Enforcement Limited Claimants Solicitors: No Stated Date of issue – 15 March 2021 Date for AOS - 3 April 2021 Date to submit Defence - 16 April 2021 What is the claim for – 1.claim for monies relating to a parking charge for parking in a private car park managed by the claimant in breach of the terms + conditions (T+Cs). 2, Drivers are allowed to park in accordance with T+Cs of use. 3. ANPR cameras and/or manual patrols are used to monitor vehicles entering + exiting the sit
  21. Received an email from the Greek CAA say that they have forwarded my complaint to Ryanair at "[email protected]" hopefully I might get a response
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